A Whole Week Of Reasonable Weather In The “Real” World

With weather predictions indicating a whole week of reasonable weather I have decided to change my daily rhythm a bit. This means that rather than blogging in the morning I will go out and enjoy my veggie beds and animals in order to get the whole summer thing started.

My Blog posts will be posted in the afternoon hours when I like to stay out of the sun.

I hope that those of you who have a patch will get planting (if you haven’t already) and growing in order to prevent the worst price rises from bankrupting anyone.

Below you will find the last of my morning dispatches for the foreseeable future!

11 thoughts on “A Whole Week Of Reasonable Weather In The “Real” World

  1. WELL! WELL!
    i suppose i shall just have to change my routine to fit in.
    my wife will be pleased
    i must warn you though. the bureau of meteorology here predicted sunny days yesterday and today, and we have had frequent showers.
    your weather follows ours three or four days later!
    Spike Milligan had the best weather forecast:
    Today it will be sunny
    Tomorrow will be muggy
    After that it will be tueggy, and Weggy, and Thurgy………

    • I have to make the most of the good days S but I will schedule a number of posts to appear in the morning. It is just the urgent stuff that I want to put up that I will have to post a couple of hours later

      • good luck with the weather Ev
        just bear in mind, the weather forecasting services are now fragmented and compartmentalised. they are locked into the world wide web of adjustable truths dear to the hearts of our beloved leaders, along with the rest of the MSM. And i can tell you from direct experience, the Tasmanian compartment is populated with people on designer drugs, semipermanent hangovers and a playful disposition. So an accurate forecast is only to be expected occasionally, randomly, and probably by chance. around here, it’s called the bureau of maybeology

        • I have to say here it’s still fairly stable but I have recently seen four or five parallel lines with another in the making as I watched so who knows?

          I also have my own method. It’s called the looking at the sky and stick a wet finger up to judge where the winds is coming from method. Anyway, I have to loose a substantial amount of weight and after several years of recuperation and healing from PTSD (No, not as a result of war thank God) I am strong enough to put in some real effort and hope that will help in the weight and health department so I don’t have much choice. LOL.

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