Back To The Banking Collapse: Prepare For Hyper Inflation or Perish!

Last week was important for several events. The verdict of the German High court and the Dutch elections but it turned out to be even more important for several other events which thanks to the eruption of violence against embassies all over the middle East as a reaction to an anti Muslim film which has been denounced by it’s entire cast as a gross fraud and may not even exist other than in a few trailers disappeared into the background.

Here is what happened and what might actually hit you in the face if not your wallet in the foreseeable future:

  • The German High Court has consented to allow Germany to abdicate it’s financial independence in favour of  the unelected bankster controlled European Stabilisation Fund with only a limit on the amount of funds to be extracted from the German people but as the fund’s mandate is to extract unlimited funds from Europe in it’s entirety I think that is not going to stand up once they get control.
  • The Dutch have voted, like the Greek did, in favour of Europe which will also mean the abdication of sovereignty to the international banking cabal.
  • Not so much in the News but very much happening is the fact that the Bank of England is going to print another £ 50 billion to help out the banksters and
  • Last but not least Ben Bernanke and his merry Federal Reserve started QE 3 this week when it announced they will be printing $ 40 billion EACH MONTH for the foreseeable future in order to bail out the too big to fail banks buy up thousands of Mortgages making this the biggest socialised bailout of incurable gamblers in human history.

What this means for you and me is that we are going to see the mother of all hyperinflation and if you don’t have seeds for food and silver/gold/tobacco and booze to barter with you’re screwed.


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