9/11 Truth For Dummies Is Here: NZ 9/11 Truth, See the Evidence.

If you have friends or acquaintances who are 911 resistant (i.e. in denial) and you want to give them that little nudge towards reality, download this excellent booklet and print it out and put it on your coffee table.

Or send it to friends and family. It is a great publication with clear pictures, blunt and simple language and making it absolutely clear why the official Conspiracy theory can’t be true

One thought on “9/11 Truth For Dummies Is Here: NZ 9/11 Truth, See the Evidence.

  1. Good entry level booklet, Freefall, the Pentagon! building 7 (what a dark joke, my son looked over my shoulder one time and said “what building is that they are demolishing?”.

    So many dodgy ‘official’ angles. There was an operation on that day but WHO was running it? There are so many shadowy agencies in the US that don’t play nice together so yes in that sense governments allied with corporates do attack their own citizens. That is the suspension of disblief that a lot of people need to get their heads around before they can seriously investigate 911.

    Only hole for me was flight 93, presumably the 44 people did exist and die, no complete or even major body parts were recovered. It is hard to find believable pictures of the wreckage too.

    But anyway this one won’t go away as the “Authorities” have discovered.

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