Was The Murder Of The US Ambassador In Libya A False Flag?

Update: US sends drones to fly over (and bomb al Qaeda training camps)Libya!

As more information comes out about the murder of the US Ambassador and three of his staff members suspicion of the timing and the identity of the Film-maker whose film allegedly caused the riots and murders. In addition it now appears that the people responsible may have planned the murders in advance.

The timing, almost to the day of the 911 attack 11 years ago might be an accident but the lynching of an American diplomat in such a gruesome fashion resembling the gruesome murder of Gadaffi only a couple of months ago will surely help to rekindle the anti Muslim sentiments especially as the American were in a heightened state of patriotic fervour and grief.

Here is what makes me wonder about the timing being something other than a mere coincidence.

  • First of all there is the film allegedly subsidised by a 100 Jewish donors portraying the prophet Muhammed in a very nasty light indeed.
  • While that in itself is bad enough there is the release date close to 911 and the world wide covering of that date in advance of 911. In fact according to this mainstream article officials remarked on how this attack happened on 911
  • If we are right and 911 was an inside job we have to assume that by now after 11 years of destruction and mayhem in Muslim countries their inhabitants and those in other Muslim countries have nerves frayed beyond repair too and an immediate and violent response was predictable.
  • It turns out that the film producers identity Sam Bacile (Imbecile?) is a pseudonym and the veracity of the film is also in doubt as the crew and film makers are distancing themselves from the project claiming they were misled!
  • In another mainstream media article it is claimed that the murder done under the cover of the riots was a preplanned crime by none other than Al Qaeda which were then claimed to have been infiltrators amongst those loyal to Gadaffi in a lame attempt to blame Gadaffi loyalists (were they slowly winning terrain against the US armed “rebels”) which begs the question: How could the murder be preplanned by “al Qaeda” if the riots were an  unpredictable popular reaction to a perceived insult to the Prophet?

One thing is for sure the war ships and the Marines have once again a good argument for attacking Libya! Perhaps to bomb the shit out of what remains of resistance in the Libyan people while obfuscating the role al Qaeda plays in the  quest of the empire to gain control over the oil and other resources in the Islamic world!

17 thoughts on “Was The Murder Of The US Ambassador In Libya A False Flag?

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  2. So, why was the US ambassador killed at the US consulate in Benghazi when according the US State Department the only US consulate in Libya is in Tripoli? Have ALL the news media got this wrong and if so why?

  3. Just search with ” la-fg-libya-filmmaker ” and you’ll get the Los Angeles Times story on the origins, shrouded in secrecy, of the INTENTIONALLY blasphemous and anti-Muslim film entitled “Innocence of Muslims”, which according to some of the strongest sources cited by the Times was originally entitled “Innocence of Bin Laden” and was advertized to the California Muslim communities through the mosques as a ploy by the state-security apparatus (Homeland Security?) to entrap “terrorists” by reason of the sole fact that they believe Osama bin Laden was innocent of the 9/11 attacks. They’d better go handcuff the CIA, then, because the CIA’s official statement has been all along that there is no substantive evidence linking bin Laden to the crime. The sudden appearance of the U.S. ship(s) and the announcement of 50 (and more?) U.S. Marines off the coast of Libya is a DIRECT consequence of this anti-Muslim film which can be traced back, apparently, to the U.S. state-security apparatus – and were doubtless planned in advance. Reports are that the U.S. Ambassador was burned alive in the Embassy (NOTE!) making identification difficult. We may be dealing with another faking of a death in Libya of the kind they produced to convince us that Muammar Gaddafi is dead. Long live the Libyan Jamahariya! On to victory, patriotic Green Libyan fighters!

  4. i’m amazed
    at the low level of response
    these are critical events
    there’s you and nzrose and fucking daylight

    • I’m hitting the 50.000 unique visitors mid next week at a 114 new ones every day with between 50 to 80 of them New Zealanders. I have hope.

      I put this out before Alex Jones even so when his station puts this together (Send the links to him) it will go places yet.

        • “why are they all so shy?”

          A quick look at the stats would suggest the site has a high ‘bounce’ rate; ie. people visit the site once and never come back.

          There would appear to be somewhere in the vicinity of 50-60 regular readers.


          So the comment rate probably isn’t too bad, considering.

          • Funny, I don’t use Statcounter I don’t think although I may have registered years ago.

            Also you are using a rather unflattering nickname so I’m assuming you reason for entering the fray is to diminish my the attendance to my blog.
            According to my back office I get between 400 and a 1000 hits per day and over the last three months I’ve had in July, August and September to date respectively 12,049, 11,558 and 7.934 hits and counting and those are low numbers compared to the months before.

            So I don’t know where you get your numbers mate but I suggest you double check theme again.

            Steve in response to your remark about being shy. I only opened up this blog to comments about 8 or 9 months or so. This blog is primarily an alternative news aggregator with comments and articles written by me. It is not a blog like Kiwiblog or the Standard both of whom were set up to be comment blogs with the articles placed on them the triggers for comment threads. Also I’m a stranger in this country really and as such don’t have a lot of friends or acquaintances who might be interested to comment.

            I hope this helps!

          • Unflattering? It’s my username!

            Anyway, you’ve got statcounter plugged into your homepage. The stats I quoted are being generated from this. You can double-check them yourself — I provided the link in my earlier comment.

            And the daily uniques/hits you cite aren’t much of a measure of a site’s readership (or, at least without knowing the bounce rate).

            The key stat is daily (or weekly) repeat visits.

            Anyway, ‘mate'(?), I’ll bounce my unflatteringly named self out of here now.

            I hope this helps!

          • LOL!

            You are absolutely right although I can’t remember having linked to it so it may have been something WordPress added over time as my blog is a free wordpress blog. I usually check my flag counter stats and my back office and not the bottom of my blog page so I’ve learned something today.

            I will have to fit these stats in with the others in order to get a trustworthy idea. I don’t agree with your assessment of daily hits though as I can see what pages are being read and how many come through search engines etc. A lot come in response to articles I post on facebook and twitter and a lot of them are regulars there too.

            Sorry about calling your name unflattering but I get the odd troll and may have overreacted.

            Oh, this explains a lot:

            Returning Visits – Based purely on a cookie, if this person is returning to your website for another visit an hour or more later

            First Time Visits – Based purely on a cookie, if this person has no cookie then this is considered their first time at your website.

            Unique Visitor – Based purely on a cookie, this is the total of the returning visits and first time visits – all your visitors.

            Page Load – The number of times your page has been visited.

            I reckon that those returning visitors are based on the fact that those are subscribers who het my automated email.

            Also a lot of readers clean up their cookies (I know I do and I also use start page in order not to have my IP address registered. Considering the subject matter off my blog I would not be surprised if many of them take the same basic privacy precautions, (I use TACO)

            Also if somebody visits through facebook you don’t get an unique identifier but the general facebook id.

            I have around about 939 followers spread over facebook, twitter, publicize etc.

          • thanks Ev
            i am frustrated lately with the general tendencies in people to act like lemmings and ostriches. If our forbears in 1912 had known as much as we do, about the doings of the rich and powerful, would there have been a century of war and culture-smashing, such as we have had? In the seventies, trade unions fought for fairness, students rallied for righteous causes.In such a short time, things have descended into timid apathy. Is it something they’ve put in the water? We have shadow governments turning our political and judicial systems into cruel jokes. We have military madness of an order that words can’t describe. Uranium weaponry is crime against life itself. And people want to analyse the bounce rate on the hits counter? i love your blog. you have a good and intelligent spread of sources. you are easy to trust. i used to feel i should cast about for news. now i just check in here. saves heaps of time. thanks again!

          • Steve,

            They did! That is why the people who wanted control had to resort to deceit. You may have seen it but here is a great presentation about the history of the Federal Reserve of New York. I have met the Edward G Griffin in Sidney in March 2008 at the first Australian 911 convention.

            And thank you so much for your compliments. People like you make it easy to continue even if the motivation lags once in a while

          • “And people want to analyse the bounce rate on the hits counter?”

            Steve, you asked why people were so shy about commenting – I was merely trying to provide an answer to that question.

          • thanks Ev. they certainly resorted to deceit. they have made the Zoroastrian Ahriman, the archetypical Liar, look like an amateur.
            raspberry, glad you are engaging, afraid the reason people are timid is that they have been
            1)divided and ruled
            2)urbanised (=divorced from nature and divorced from their food supply)
            3)drugged…flouride, sugar, red food colour
            4)made complicit in usury and the tragedy of freehold land ownership
            5)this was the best one but i’ve forgotten what it was…..
            oh yes : infantilised by television, pacified.

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