Revealed: How George W. Bush was given SEVEN warnings about threat from Bin Laden in months before 9/11


Former President George Bush was given a series of direct warnings throughout 2001 about the possibility of a terrorist attack by Al Qaeda – but failed to take them seriously, it was claimed today.

On the eleventh anniversary of the atrocity, it has been reported that the White House received multiple briefs between May and August that year about an attack with explosives and numerous casualties.

But the president continually failed to take any significant action and questioned the thoroughness of the briefings – leading to huge frustrations within the CIA.

The retrospective report was lambasted as ‘unfair’ and a ‘disservice to history’ by George Pataki, the New York state governor during 9/11 who praised Bush’s leadership in the months after the attacks.

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One thought on “Revealed: How George W. Bush was given SEVEN warnings about threat from Bin Laden in months before 9/11

  1. I believe that this Mail article is what’s referred to as a “limited hangout operation”, to wit: a leak of just a smidgin of fact with a big dose of disinformation. Anyone who knows the history knows that al-Qaeda is a CIA-MI6-Pakistani ISI-Mossad-Saudi Intelligence creation for recruiting and funding terrorists to carry out irregular warfare for NATO. In fact, the name refers to the database which NATO intelligence networks (dominated by the U.S.) use to keep track of their assets and is, moreover, the word for “database”, as well as for “base”. This was attested to on the floor of the House of Commons by the outgoing Foreign Secretary Robin Cook (see and verified by Alain Chouet of the French DGSE (Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure) in a Le Monde interview of March 2007 ( No Arab group – terrorist or otherwise – could have planned and carried out 14 drills of various U.S. military and civilian defense agencies on the very day of the attacks – drills that frustrated NORAD and sent home-defense aircraft out over Canada and the Atlantic Ocean. Webster G Tarpley gave an excellent presentation in an International Spy Museum debate on the drills and on the one warning that G W Bush dared not disregard, namely the warning that “angel is next”, which was a warning from the coup plotters behind 9/11 (who were likely leading neocons and elements within the CIA) that Bush better play along or his presidential aircraft would be blown up with himself aboard. C-Span’s coverage of the entire debate can be viewed here:! Tarpley’s exposé on the Government drills can be seen beginning at minute 0:36:00 of the video, but the entire debate and question-and-answer session are well worth watching.

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