All The Beautiful People I Met After I Woke Up To 911

Waking up to the reality of 911 as a false flag attack to get the US and the Western world to go to war with the Arab world was painful, terrifying and something I would not wish on anyone even as  I try to educate my fellow man. It opens you up to ridicule and isolation. It exposes you to the lowest of common human denominators as you try to follow the highest ones.

We who have gone through that painful paradigm shift are not better or of higher moral class than those of us who haven’t. All we did was face up to our worst fears and done an awful lot of research in the hopes of being wrong.

But as we travelled further and further passed the point of no return we started to reach out to those who like us travelled the same lonely road and in this post I want to thank all of them out there who against all odds continued to research and speak out even as your voices shake.

I met (not all of them in the flesh) amazing people like Helen and Mick who never tire and who with other wonderful people in Wellington keep at it. Helen being the courageous lady who brought us Richard Gage from Architects and Engineers for 911 truth, another man I would not have met if it weren’t for his courage to disrupt a successful career to spread the findings of his group of Architects and Engineers.

I made friends with some of my heroes like Jim Fetzer who managed to upset the entire 911 truth community by saying real planes did not fly in the buildings and who through sheer pigheadedness and dogged dedication keeps on searching for the truth and Kevin Barrett who as an American Muslim and ex university teacher knows first hand how ruthless the empire ousts the people it considers dangerous to their paradigm and both of them did me the honour to invite me on their radio shows to talk about my research into the storyboard of 911 and the financial kleptocracy behind 911 and the wars that followed.

I met John Bursill who single handedly brought 911 truth to Australia and who like Jim and Kevin courts controversy in his own way.

With facebook I was able to make friends with Cindy Sheehan who lost her son in Iraq and who sat on Bush’s drive way in Texas demanding answer to her question why her son had to die in Iraq and who after a long and agonising journey came to accept that 911 could not have been perpetrated by 19 young Muslim fanatics and who when she was just as vehement in her rejection of Obama as a war criminal in chief found out the hard way how callous the American “Peace” movement can be when you question everything and everyone. the good news is that she is now along side Roseanne Barr touring to promote Roseanne Barr as the presidential candidate for the Peace party and I feel privileged to follow her struggle for peace and humanity so close.

I was able to make connect with mothers of young adults who lost their lives on 911 such as Donna whose daughter was pregnant when she lost her life on 911 and whose emotional demand for a new and independent investigation touched my hart and I even have the young makers of classic 911 video Loose Change on my friend list and while that doesn’t mean we are “friends” it does mean that all of those people (more than 600 of them ) who were and still are so courageous are closer to me than they would otherwise have been and that makes it easier to stick at it everyday on this blog.

All of you and you know who you are: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping at it, for demanding peace, a new investigation into 911, for sticking up for the first responders and for never ever letting go!

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