European Airspace To Be Opened To Drones

Obama has mandated the fact that the American Airspace has to be opened to drones by 2015. The fact is they already operate in the US. Now according to Drones UK an obscure document shows that Europe will follow suit in 2016.

This means that unmanned aerial vehicles will patrol the skies of Europe with the “pilots” detached, operating them from the safety of their suburban offices in places unknown. We won’t know who operates them and they won’t run any risk while operating them safely from anonymity. When our leaders deem it of necessity to arm them we will not know and if push comes to shove and our leaders deem it of necessity to kill their citizens just like they do with the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan we will find out when we carry the dead bodies out of destroyed buildings.

As I write this a helicopter is flying overhead while it is either dropping fertiliser or weed killer on a neighbour’s land and I find it as always intimidating. I imagine what it would be like to know there is no human being inside one of them and not knowing if they are armed or not.

Most people don’t need to experience the horror of being bombed in order to understand the fear and terror the victims must feel but most people are not even aware that in other countries their leaders are using this tool of terror to kill and intimidate local populations who have never heard of 9/11 or have no understanding of why a country far away from them bombs them with unmanned drones.

Most people don’t even know that Obama has already used unmanned drones to kill US Citizens in Yemen. One of them being a 16 year old boy whose only crime was the fact that his father was an alleged terrorist who like him was bombed to death by a drone. No judge, no jury needed. I wonder what will happen when the first drone killing happens in the US or on European soil.

Because it is when not if, that is a certain.


In an obscure working document, the European Commission has announced it is working on plans to open European civil airspace to unmanned drones by 2016.  This follows the signing by President Obama earlier this year of the FAA Appropriations bill which mandated that US airspace must be opened to drones by 2015.

The European Commission (EC) plan was revealed in a Staff Working Paper published on September 4th 2012 entitled  “Towards a European strategy for the development of civil applications of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems”.

The document  summaries the conclusions of the year-long European Unmanned Air Systems Panel which began meeting in July 2011and recommends setting up a European RPAS [Remotely Piloted Air Systems] Steering Group (ERSG).  The aim of the ERSG, writes Peter van Blyenburgh, President of UVS International, (the main European drone lobby group) on the UAVS Vision website is to “foster the development of civil RPAS by planning and coordinating all the activities necessary to achieve the safe and incremental integration of RPAS into European air traffic by 2016″.

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