Life Happens While You Want to Write On Your Blog

Sometimes life happens while you want to write and publish on your blog. Nothing major, nothing serious but just a lot of it and as my blog is a labour of love and not a money making venture I sometimes have to give other activities precedence.

Things I have to do? Organise the building of a 10×7 m shed which is going to house all our “workshops” and give us access to our barterable skills with the accompanying tools which we brought with us from Europe. Woodworking, welding, clothes making, spinning, weaving and knitting machines from the good old days to name a few!

Dreaming about organising classes for all these skills too!

Learning how to take care of my horses hooves in a natural way and building a paddock paradise , Making sure our deck stays clean and isn’t inundated with chickens shit from the many escapees which are currently colonising the hill I live on and the paddocks of our long suffering neighbour, tending to the veggie garden and the spring planting and caring for an ailing mother-in-law.

All important but extremely distracting!

Anyway below are a few of the things you might have missed in the MSM!

2 thoughts on “Life Happens While You Want to Write On Your Blog

    • Love taking care of my horses feet and now that I have a hoofjack (made by my better half) and they don’t have to be afraid of having their hind legs forced outside their normal movement by brutal farrier force they seem to positively enjoy their biweekly manicure!

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