New Zealand to leave Afghanistan in April.

John Key announced today that New Zealand will leave Afghanistan in April. Make no mistake that is great news although I hope no more Kiwi’s have to die for nothing until then but my question is this: “What has changed since the last soldiers died and now that allows for this change of heart? Are the people of Bamiyan all of a sudden safe from the “Taliban”. Are the Afghans treating their women better are no more children being beheaded or are we finally shot of the opium trade? Hmmm….!

The New Zealand Provincial Reconstruction Team will return to New Zealand from Bamiyan Province by the end of April next year.

Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully and Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman confirmed Cabinet have signed off on the date of withdrawal.

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7 thoughts on “New Zealand to leave Afghanistan in April.

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  2. Do you think you could talk about NZ’s afghan involvement for a few minutes on skype?
    Please look at my channel and you will see the type of interview I mean.
    You can send me a direct message on Youtube
    Also no need to publish this comment, it’s just the question ….

  3. What has changed since the last soldiers died and now that allows for this change of heart?

    Maybe this, from the article you linked to…

    Dr Coleman said the withdrawal was brought forward by news the rebuilding of Bamiyan airport would make it off-limits to New Zealand’s Hercules aircraft after April.

    A simple logistics decision.

    • Another one trying to catch me out. I wonder if there is a whole school out there so here we go. Read about and on Martyrdom and think twice before you pick a fight with the moderator when you’re a new commentator on a blog.

      New Zealand has been sending cannon fodder to the war in Afghanistan in the aftermath of the events of 9/11 which as you so smartly recognised in your next remark is in my opinion the result of forces other than 19 young Muslims and a mad cleric. They should not have been there in the first place. The decision to quit wasn’t made because the job we set out to do in Afghanistan is finished but because it was a there never was a job to do in the first place other that the looting of a another resource rich country and us sticking our heads up the US and NATO ass to get a share of the pie.

      There are more wars coming up and they know that if we have soldiers in Afghanistan which they have thoroughly secured with contracts and a puppet government and a contingent of drones bombing the shit out of every village which dares to harbour a warrior standing up to the US, we will not be sending our SAS killers to Syria and Iran when the time comes.

      What the fuck do you think Hitlery and Johnnie “Derivatives” Key have been discussing this weekend? Or do you think he made up his mind alone?

      Great news about the reinforcing of the Bamiyan airport eh? What would a bunch of dead poor people need a new airstrip? Oh yeah, drones!!. Maybe that’s why the NZ soldiers had to be shipped out. Too honest and to scrupulous and probably genuinely trying to help the people of Bamiyan. Pretty useless in the kill everyone living on top of the resources business.

      Come to think of it I think I’ll make this a full blown post.

      And FFS, Evelyn Waugh? Come up with a better name next time eh?

      • not to confuse the words of a puppet with the plans of the puppetmaster
        have we not seen SAS soldiers go into Vietnam, Iraq, various South and Central American countries secretly? There were 12 Australian SAS guys in Timor preparing the ground before the official liberation. John Howard abandoned them to die but they survived. What a politician says is normally lies. Sometimes they lie just for practice.

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