Winston, We Were Never At War With Eurasia And al Qaeda Are The Good Guys

In 1984 the Iconic book on the hell that is a totalitarian system with total control over all information and its citizens the protagonist Winston is told by his masters that while he clearly remembers that his state has always been at war with Eurasia that this was never the case.

When two planes flew into the World Trade towers almost eleven years ago we were told that it was al Qaeda under the guidance of Osama bin Laden who perpetrated this heinous act and that in order to fight this evil terrorist organisation we had to attack Afghanistan, Iraq and in the future Iran.

But then we invaded Libya and now were working our way into Syria and something changed.

Photo’s appeared in the Main Stream Media of al Qaeda flags proudly waving on top of the courthouse in Benghazi, the Capital of the province home to the tribe we financed to start the anti Gaddafi rebellion. What is more the leader of the rebellion was a certified al Qaeda leader it turns out.

And as news spread online that the rebellion in Syria was supported if not led by foreign fighters it became clear that the “democratic” movements in both Libya and Syria were spiked with foreign mercenaries and “freedom” fighters who were trained in Afghanistan and Iraq and who had no qualms about telling the world they were al Qaeda!

And now in a mind boggling turn of propaganda confusion worthy of the Ministry of Truth from the 1984 saga  the Council of Foreign relations which is host to such war criminals like Dick Cheney has given it’s blessing and support to the al Qaeda troops fighting in Syria calling them good fighters and able to give guidance to Syrian rebels who are not as well organised and disciplined as al Qaeda.

Winston, we were never at war with al Qaeda indeed!

One thought on “Winston, We Were Never At War With Eurasia And al Qaeda Are The Good Guys

  1. This is one of those items that reminds you we’re living in Wonderland. It’s mental they can get away with this.

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