11 Years of War and The Enemy Can Still Chase The Top General Out of the Country or How The War In Afghanistan Is Lost

What do you call a war of 11 years when the “enemy” can still chase the top general out of the country with one bomb. I would call it lost.

In Afghanistan on the 21th of August the top dog had to flee the country on another plane than the one he arrived in from Bagram airport because the “Taliban” hit is with a bomb.

US Army General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had to flee the country to save his life when Afghan Taliban carried out attack on US’s controlled highly protected Bagram Air Base on August 21, 2012. General Dempsey escaped an attempt on his life but his aircraft which was directly hit got damaged.
The Dempsey immediately fled to some unidentified location in Indian Ocean or Middle East in another aircraft. The official statement from Pentagon claimed that strike was not aimed specifically at Dempsey’s plane. However, the statement admitted hitting of General Dempsey’s plane in which two personnel of the Air Base were injured while General Dempsey C-17 plane and an Apache helicopter were damaged.
A report by a local commander claimed that Bagram Air Base remained under Afghan Taliban control for more than five hours. General Martin Dempsey and group of senior officers were immediately airlifted to save their lives. This is not new that Americans have fled away from the battlefield to save their lives as even the US President George Bush went underground for complete ten days after 11th September attacks on Pentagon and World Trade Centre due to fear of renewed attacks.

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