We Can Kill Them Because You Don’t Spend Loads Of Money On Weapons

We are proud members of NATO so we are now supposed to spend tons of money on weapons to keep the military industrial complex happy! Just in case you don’t want to here is what the Taliban has to say about it in our main stream media. We now it seems have “authenticated” telephone conversations with representatives of the “Taliban”. FFS!!!

The Taliban (And don’t they have carefully coiffed felted hats and bullet “necklaces” in this photo”) says Kiwi troops are easier targets than other Coalition forces because of their inferior weaponry.

After the New Zealand armed force’s bloodiest month since November 1951, the Taleban’s Zabiullah Mujahid promised more bloodshed for Kiwi troops.

“We will find them and kill them, there’s no safety for them,” the Afghan militia’s spokesman said.

The Taleban had extensive knowledge of New Zealand weaponry and movements, he said in an authenticated telephone interview with a Herald on Sunday correspondent in Kabul.

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26 thoughts on “We Can Kill Them Because You Don’t Spend Loads Of Money On Weapons

  1. hahaha – of course the ‘Taliban’ (yeah right) say this – we need the government to spend now don’t we.
    What a fucking joke.

    • Key has already stated that the equipment the NZ forces are using in Afghanistan are up to the job. There will be no more spending on upgrading equipment before their eventual withdrawal.

      Further to that, the NZDF is actually scaling back spending as part of the Government’s wider cost-cutting measures ($350m in annual savings by 2015). It’s hard to imagine them suddenly changing this policy now, on the back of some some Taliban bluster (authentic or otherwise).

        • Why do say we we’ll ‘find out soon enough’? What event looms that will prove the point one way or the other?

        • Ok, you say…

          …I would love more debate among commentators on this blog. I would love for commentators who do not agree with others to engage in debate based on arguments supported by links and if things get hot so much the better.

          Which is good. I’m debating that we are neither members of NATO (link not really required, but here’s the list of member countries: http://www.nato.int/cps/en/natolive/nato_countries.htm), nor have we entered into a 50 year ‘treaty’ with them (link previously supplied).

          You seem unwilling to debate these points, or answer a simple question (‘we’ll find out soon enough’?).

          Of course, I suspect you’ll file this under your ‘time-wasting’ list of ban-able offences, a policy that would seem to give you the ability to ban anyone who actually bothers to fact-check your articles. If you stand by the accuracy of your posts, why not defend them properly, instead of censoring any dissenting opinions?

          • Amongst commentators being the operative two words.

            And yes we entered into a ‘Non” binding (if you believe there is such a thing) partnership with them and I’ll give you the amount of years because I was told this by a knowledgeable insider.


            As far as I’m concenred any contract entered into with the Criminal organisation called NATO is one too many.

            Also I decided to check out your IP address and your email. You didn’t turn up as a member of the New Zealand Economists club as your email suggests and your IP address was located in New York if I’m not mistaken.

            You’re sailing very close to the wind.

            Oh and now one in the UK. Interesting!

          • Just to let you know you’ve achieved martyrdom. From now on you’ll be spammed. My suggestion to you? Start your own blog call it nutbarz nz and disprove all of my posts. Have a nice life.

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