Brave Children of the God of War or How We Are Being Played Like Chumps!

Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” – Henry Kissinger

(Note: It was pointed out to me that the name of Barbara Sumner-Burnstyn appeared a the bottom of the post. This was a copy and paste error on my part. I don’t know her and most certainly would not have her post on my blog. My apologies for the confusion)

I want to dedicate this post to a very worried father and his daughter who is in the NZ army like Jacinda Baker to study medicines.

The gentleman I’m referring too is anti-war and anti John Key but his daughter would have to accept a debt burden beyond being able to pay it back in order to become a doctor. In talking with him I understood the many shades of grey as to why people enlist.

I also accept that people choose to enlist because they are seduced by the combination of adventure and moral superiority you are imbued with once you enter.

Such is the nature of of armies and war. To get something you desire you have to give something. In the case of the three soldiers who died last week it was their lives. The people who want war know this and they prey on the poor and the honourable who have no inkling of the true nature of evil they serve.

Let’s hope the much loved daughter of her father will not meet the same fate as Jacinda. Let’s hope we can stop these criminal wars of Aggression before more people die and are being called the Brave Children of the God of War” by the very powers that be who gain the most from having other peoples children die in wars they start for profit.


As was predictable the three unfortunate young people killed in Afghanistan were used to the full extend possible for the Propaganda for the war machine  they could be used for.

Nationalism is at an all time high and to speak against the wars is to speak against the soldiers serving in them.

No, I’m not referring to the stupid and ignorant way in which an otherwise seemingly sensible Barbara Sumner-Burstyn worded her anger. She could not have served the Propaganda machine better if she wanted!

With her angry personal attack on Jacinda Baker, a girl she did not know and whose motivation to serve she has no knowledge of, she did more damage to all of us who want the illegal, criminal wars to end than anything before since the wars started in the aftermath of 9/11.

For that she deserves our scorn and rejection and while I abhor violence and threats she could have known that speaking so ill of the dead would be just grist on the mill of the Propaganda machine that is our main stream media of which by the way she is a part and if it wasn’t for the price she and her family have to pay for this outburst I would almost accuse her of being a shill.

I’m speaking of the people who while showing no disrespect to the people serving in the army fight to end the illegal wars of Aggression our government (both Labour and National)  have gotten us in to.

I’m speaking of the speeches and the warmongering quotes of “Taliban” spokes people whom we have authenticated (whatever that means) conversations with all of a sudden advising us to arm up or else.

People enlisted to the NZ army all of a sudden are no longer peaceful rebuilders of a war torn Afghan province but the “Brave Children of the God of War” in a ratcheting up of the war rhetoric.

Dying in Afghanistan is now something we do in the “Name of Justice” and we are promised their deaths won’t be in vain as we are fighting the darkies for their own good.

It’s as if the Pentagon has taken a seat on John Key’s speech writers table and we are so dumb we are taking it lying down.

What I predict is that people like John Minto and those of whom with the guts to stand up against the illegal wars out on the streets will get the full hatred of the stupid and the gullible that make up the average NZ populace poured out at them and that any protest will now be portrayed as betrayal of our men and women in Afghanistan or any other God forsaken place they will be send to as it will become clearer and clearer that NZ soldiers have become what Henry Kissinger said once upon a time: Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy!

I implore all of you to educate yourselves and don’t let the 1% make you into dumb stupid animals as they prepare to send your children to the next war and the next war so they can conquer and loot the earth’s resources.

I implore all of you to educate yourselves on what lead up to this. The events of 9/11, the laws that changed to take your freedom away and to look at those who are responsible for the millions of dead Iraqis, thousands of dead Afghanis and to understand that while up to now, your children or you if you served in the army, gave away blankets and helped the locals you were stationed amongst, our allies the US and NATO were blasting villages with rockets and drones.

You can not be part of a war effort if your partners in that war commit war crimes and terrorism even if you give away blankets and food without becoming part of the enemy to the people whose country you are in. Your very presence gives the war criminals the moral cover they need to commit their crimes. They know that and so should you!

18 thoughts on “Brave Children of the God of War or How We Are Being Played Like Chumps!

  1. Hi there, I was just wanting to clarify your debate here, we seem to be blurring generalizations about ‘soldiers’, ‘military’, and ‘government’. are you referring to the NZ government, NZ military and NZ soldiers? If so, perhaps we could keep the argument local. While NZ soldiers are not angels, I’m suggesting that statistics about US behaviors are not valid for making statements about NZ army. Still… pretty shocking that this is happening in the US army, have you read their stats on suicide lately? they loose more soldiers to suicide than fighting!

    • Hi Turtle,

      Welcome to my blog. Neither Kirk nor I refer to Kiwi soldiers. In fact Kirk widened the “rape” debate to the ancient Greek if I’m not mistaken.

      I refer to history and the fact that in Greece rape during war was socially totally acceptable and that throughout history rape and pillage were normal and acceptable weapons of war. It was only after WWII that it was actually appointed a war crime.

      With regards to the Kiwi soldier in general I have no figures and can not give an opinion on their behaviour in war zones but I think that to be honest the Kiwi soldier in general does have a fairly strong moral code and is not prone to rampant violence and rape.

      When I read the Nicky Hager book on NZ involvement in Afghanistan I got the impression that most soldiers detest the US attitude and try to maintain a professional code of conduct with respect to human rights and war conduct issues.

      And yes, the suicide rate of US soldiers is rampant and a sure sign of serious demotivation and trauma. Four or five tours of duty, being send back on anti depressants and losing everything you held dear while you are in war zones fighting wars you don’t believe in will do that to people.

      I hope this clarifies the debate somewhat!

      • Thanks for that. You make a good point about the historical cultural norms of war, perhaps it has something to do with the psychological shift that comes when men (as a race) seek power… who knows?

        • Glad to be of service. War is a form of rape as far as I’m concerned. It rapes the minds of men, bodies of women and kills and torments those who are the victims and at the moment I think the US and NATO soldiers doing multiple tours damaging them beyond repair are as much victims as the people they are send to conquer.

  2. Everyone is anti-war (except a few crazies) including most of the defence forces. It doesn’t mean that sometimes we don’t have to go to war (I’m glad my grandfather did). And it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go in and try and heal people as a medic – in fact this is the ultimate in bravery – to help others, when you could just stay home and not put your life at risk. Troops will be in Afghanistan whether we are there or not. So sending medics, is just one way of helping to save lives and make the situation better for the people (who can’t just leave and go set up flash offices and spend money; which could be spent on cancer kids, making movies watched by a very select audience and changing nothing – but I digress). But some of you would apparently just rather than Afghanis die from lack of medical care.

    • First of al there is no some of us here. This is a one woman blog.
      Second, which of the arguments they sold the Afghan war too us with do you subscribe too:

      9/11, which was perpetrated if you must believe the official Conspiracy theory by mostly Saudi Muslims with a Saudi Muslim Leader and no Afghans involved. In which case we should have bombed Saudi Arabia back to the stone age. 98% of the Afghan population has never heard of the events of 9/11

      We have to protect women and children, in which case we have failed miserably as more women are now raped and abused than ever before and the veil is still there, girls still get hardly any education and get married off as early as 11

      We have to fight the Taliban and al Qaeda which is strange as it has been announced that we are fighting alongside al Qaeda in Libya and Syria

      Or there is a trillion $ worth of stuff in Afghanistan so we can’t leave

      • And people conveniently forget the Taliban said they would hand Osama Bin Laden over if America would share the evidence of Osama Bin Laden involvement in the events of September the 11th.2001 . The Taliban warned Osama Bin Laden that he was not to be involved in acts of aggression if he wanted to stay in Afghanistan.

  3. I’m not taking sides either way here but maybe you should credit that young lady with enough intelligence to make her own decisions aside of hype, marketing and propaganda. In failing to do that you do more to discredit her and yourself than to score any points in support of your cause. Maybe you should invite her to write a guest piece for your blog on how SHE feels?

        • I have communicated at length with her father about her motivation and both are aware of the pro’s and cons but this was her choice and her father finds it hard but can understand her choice. It was these communications which taught me a thing or two about the shades of grey. I have send the link to her father as a courtesy and if they want to respond the will be able too. Hope that helps

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  5. You speak of that which you do not know after the briefest of interviews based upon a sample of your choosing to support you narrow view. You are in essence floored research. You speak of vile persons as puppets of governments, the same governments that have given you freedom to write this dribble. The same vile persons who have supported the government to make hard decisions that involve war sometimes, at the endof all things, negotiation does not winover the evil persons in this world.
    Simply you speak with ash in your mouth and a forked tongue. You are happy to embrace the lifestyle bourne upon the backs of those you curse, you are the coward that you purport not to be casting filth from afar. You are beneath me and those heroes from Greek antiquity to modern times and you know nothing of the world.
    Come with me and embrace the rape victims, the children dying of malnutrition and save lives of the Afghan people as I have done many times over…… no you cant because you lack the soul to do it.

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