Hungarian Defence Minister on NZ Afghanistan Deaths

In response to John Key’s attempt to deflect the responsibility for the deaths of NZ soldiers away from our governments insistence on remaining part of the illegal war in Afghanistan here is what the Hungarian Minister of Defence has to say about the functioning of Hungarian troops in Afghanistan.

I remain of course of the opinion that Hungary much like us are involved in an illegal war of aggression and would like to add to that that this blaming each other for the deaths of people who should have been with their families and their friends instead of in a military barrack in a country which has never harmed or attacked us is very much part and parcel of the dysfunctional and psychopathic mind set which let us into the war in Afghanistan in the first place!


Open letter from the Hungarian Ministry of Defence regarding the latest articles appearing in the New Zealand media.

Dear Chief Editor, Sir/Madam,
Please accept my deepest condolences on behalf of the Hungarian Ministry of Defence and the Hungarian Defence Forces for the three New Zealand soldiers who lost their lives recently in Afghanistan while on duty. I would like to extend my condolences to the families and comrades as well.. Unfortunately, Hungary also experienced this sorrow in recent years, for this reason we understand the grief over the loss of comrades.

With my present letter I also would like to respond to the official issues and pieces of information regarding the unfortunate death cases, which has been published in the New Zealand media in the last days and weeks. As we already announced in several Hungarian and New Zealand forum in connection with the statement of Prime Minister John Key two weeks ago, it is false and incorrect information that the Hungarian-commanded Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT) soldiers who are on duty in the province of Baghlan do not patrol in the province.

During the period of the homecoming rotation in March, the contingent left the camp on more than 700 occasions which means that they patrolled between three and five times daily – day and night – by using vehicles and they also patrolled on foot in the entire area of the province. For this very reason the Hungarian Ministry of Defence and the Hungarian Defence Forces repudiates the allegations against the Hungarian soldiers.

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