54,000 Refugees, no Questions Asked or Are They Trying To Empty Out New Zealand On Purpose

Let’s face it they couldn’t have done better if they tried!

From the Age

AUSTRALIA is facing a flood of economic refugees. But the big numbers aren’t from the north, they are from the across the Tasman where Statistics New Zealand yesterday announced the biggest exodus to Australia on record.

An extraordinary 53,900 New Zealanders moved to Australia in the year to July – around the entire population of New Plymouth, New Zealand’s 11th biggest city.

The number dwarfs the 9607 asylum seekers who arrived in Australian waters by boat.

The record emigration of 53,900 is a dramatic increase from the same period a year before when 46,450 New Zealanders moved to Australia – itself a record at the time.

“These are economic refugees,” New Zealand Council of Trade Unions secretary Peter Conway told The Age.

New Zealand’s unemployment rate is 6.8 per cent, little changed since the economic crisis. Australia’s is 5.2 per cent, down on the GFC peak of 5.9 per cent. “New Zealand was hit much harder than Australia,” Mr Conway said. “We didn’t have the big boost in government spending you had that pushed unemployment back down. Before the crisis our unemployment rate was briefly the best in the OECD. It is now mid-range, much worse than yours.”

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34 thoughts on “54,000 Refugees, no Questions Asked or Are They Trying To Empty Out New Zealand On Purpose

  1. had a look at Barry. He is great fun as well as well connected with informants and sharp as a tack in his old age. Way ahead of the pack

    • He actually died in 2002 I think. Yes very witty & always put the positive on the whole thing which can get depressing at times!

  2. Sure, people are leaving for Australia, but there are plenty of people coming to NZ to replace them.

    The net population decrease last year (i.e. number of immigrants to NZ minus those leaving NZ) was only 1855 people.

    2009 and 2010 actually saw net increases of 21253 and 10451 people. In fact, the entire first decade of this century saw a substantial increase in net migration TO New Zealand, not away from it (in 2002/3, the total net was in excess of 70000 people).

    You have to go back to the year 2000 to find the previous instance where immigration outnumbered migration.


  3. NZers are indeed economic refugees. We had an unemployment rate of 0 in the 1960s, prior to the predatory imf/nwo loans that have now crippled pretty much every country on the planet (witness John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man). Things are going according to plan though – NZ & Aus being part of Region 4 in the Club of Rome’s 10 for the planet’s new global village. With Aus & NZ being the kick off platform for their economic restructuring (aka DEstruction) plans, they’ve also been feeding the idea of Aus & NZ joining for 2-3 decades now – Fabian Socialism’s method of gradualism, their number one tool – feed it to the public over a lengthy period of time then they will eventually get used to it – fed via THEIR OWN MEDIA of course. On 12 April 1988 Aus’s Bulletin Mag featured a cartoon of the two Prime Ministers in bed together (Aus & NZ) – with the statement: …. ‘WHY NZ SHOULD BECOME THE 8TH AND 9TH STATES OF AUSTRALIA.’ Quote: …‘Nearly a thousand NZers every week enter Australia, taking advantage of immigration laws that assume their nation and Australia are one. Soon there will be a move towards a uniform legal system, taxation and currency. The Aus constitution already provides for the inclusion of NZ. Why don’t we get on with it?’
    Then the NZ Herald reported 27th July ’89 (15 months on from the above) that …. ‘easier investing rules bring warning on sovereignty. NZ could be faced with no alternative than to HAND OVER ITS ECONOMY AND SOVEREIGNTY to Australia, the Wilson and Horton Limited chairman warned at the annual meeting in Auckland yesterday…’ (both cited by Barry R Smith, Final Notice 1989).
    Their means of driving folk from NZ to Aus are – wreck the country (restructure), destroy the farmers, industry etc, the whole economy in fact, and privatise everything, thereby removing our sovereignty. Everyone knows selling off a country’s assets is literal suicide, but they are doing it anyway as we speak. No use to jump up and down, they are conditionalities of the loans. Treachery to one’s country was once called treason, and interestingly, in 1989 NZ did away with her death penalty for treason.

    • I’m not a native and arrived on these shores only 7 years ago so thanks for the information.

      What I hope is that the loans are going to be recognised for what they are: Onerous debt, making them nil and void

      Maybe the death penalty isn’t necessary. Going to jail for the rest of his life might be a good one for John Key too.

      • Hi Travellerev, you’re welcome. I don’t know if the onerous debt solution would work given what they are up against?? I rather think that John, if he is a good boy and toes the line, (like all good servants of the nwo) will, like his predecessor Helen, get a good job ‘over there somewhere’. He doesn’t really have much choice if he wants to avoid the chop. The original wrecking plan was called Rogernomics. They were so clever as to sell the idea under the guise that selling up everything would ‘improve efficiency’. (Proof of our ‘growth’ of course is we’ve gone from 0% unemployment to 6.8%). The Prime Minister of the day realized too late that it was not what he had been led to believe. The then President of the World Bank, visited NZ in the late 1980s and advised that ‘NZ’s economic restructuring was a ROLE MODEL for other countries which also had to adjust their policies to achieve growth’. (Note the words ‘had to’.) Hence the wrecking policies of the nwo have now extended worldwide. They started with us, good old ‘she’ll be right’ Kiwiland. It is part of their plan for prison planet, (aka global village). The borrowers become servants to the lenders.

    • good summary Danielle
      here is a link to the Opal File
      i remember when Muldoon won office, he spent three days closeted with one of the Rockefellers. it’s my opinion he agreed to borrow money at virtual gunpoint. Someone, somewhere, will know if this is true. If so, it trumps onerous debt. Whatever the veracity of the details in this document, it clearly gives the history of how NZ and Aus were invaded, using cheap loans to create malleable monopolies. If the present financial system crumples, at the very least we can learn from this, how a beautifully governed country was smashed in a few decades, with hardly a whimper.

      • Is quite feasible Steve, an offer he couldn’t refuse – yes had seen the Opal file. The thing is though, sure we went down without a whimper (what use to anyway) – but immediately after our start down the slippery slope, SIR Roger (note who they decorate) was off swanning around the planet lecturing other countries on how to implement ‘his’ country’s new economic policies of ‘improved efficiency’. He was in Russia in 92 talking about privatisation, (as a consultant to the World Bank & part of a three man privatisation advisory committee, NZ Herald); in 1993 he was addressing folk in Canada about the same, downplaying job losses; 1995 saw Papua New Guinea studying our reforms; the same year ‘a delegation from the US Congress was visiting NZ (courtesy of Bolger) to do the same (‘quite remarkable level of interest in NZ’s reforms among US policy makers…’ – NZ Herald). On and on. Now of course the entire planet is ruined with their ‘loans, conditions and loss of sovereignty’ scam. I don’t think it’s ‘if’; the entire economy is going to collapse I believe – it is part of the plan. Collapse > cashless society (pretty much here already) > world control by the means of buying and selling options, & control of energy & food. Prison planet. And it all started out with a nice tidy plan to be a global community, all helping each other. Their real & vicious
        agenda is pretty obvious now when you know who ‘they’ really are.

        • i guess you have seen Benjamin Fulford too?
          If the Rothschild banks fail, there are the Asians and the S Americans and the Russians, able to step up, and probably all run by gangsters too? Not a pleasant prospect.

          • Hey thanks 🙂 I first heard of ‘the plan’ during the 70s from a NZ guy whose book I’ve cited; he did his own research when there was no internet. He got labelled a conspiracy nutter. He also cited Biblical prophecy about this stuff, it is all written there & much of what he said has happened. So have followed it all closely watching for events. As you do with the clandestine! Interesting tho how it’s moved from ‘conspiracy theory’ to fact now. I’ve missed some more recent stuff tho – am staggered by the chems! Only just discovered them. The technology more advanced than I realized.

          • I have this year for the first time seen trails over our house and taken photo’s of it a couple of times. (Waikato west coast) and I have to say it took me a long time to accept it but I think that it is undeniable now.

            I hope you keep popping over and insert knowledge. I’m Dutch and my Kiwi husband and I moved back here seven years ago so I have big hiatus in my knowledge of 70 to end 90s Kiwi political history but unlike John Key I knew exactly where I was and what my opinion was when the Springbok riots erupted?

          • I have this year for the first time seen trails over our house and taken photo’s of it a couple of times. (Waikato west coast) and I have to say it took me a long time to accept it but I think that it is undeniable now.

            I hope you keep popping over and insert knowledge. I’m Dutch and my Kiwi husband and I moved back here seven years ago so I have big hiatus in my knowledge of 70 to end 90s Kiwi political history but unlike John Key I knew exactly where I was and what my opinion was when the Springbok riots erupted?

            By the way have you ever lived in Hamilton?

          • A good read for NZ political history is Jane Kelsey. And Barry Smith’s for the ‘conspiracy’ stuff (both). I shall pop over; still finding my way around. Are you on Contrails?

          • couldn’t find your profile there to add as friend?? Will catch you there in due course I guess – Great chatting:)

          • Contact me via the contact form and I will give you my profile on the contrail. Rose also added my RSS feed to the site. I’m not very active because this blog keeps me pretty busy already. My Skype name is travellerev

  4. So the Key Government “creates” jobs by driving people out of the country …go figure. There’s 54,000 jobs now.

  5. Key doesn’t see anything unusual in this – this was on Radio New Zealand this morning

    [audio src="http://podcast.radionz.co.nz/mnr/mnr-20120822-0749-prime_minister_is_dismissing_latest_migration_stats-048.mp3" /]

    When i looked for this story I couldn’t find anything else and it has disappeared off RNZ website (apart from the podcast)

      • another thing about Muldoon that you may not have heard, Ev. the exodus of kiwis to Oz was already pretty alarming in his day. it was known as the “brain-drain” “Piggy” Muldoon’s most famous quote was, vis-a-vis the braindrain: “it raises the IQ on both sides of the Tasman”.

          • probably. but we had a worse one called Joe Bjelke Petersen, born in NZ of Danish parents, became a peanut farmer in Queensland, entered politics and became a dictator. He banned demonstrations, had his own secret police, vicious thugs, and a gerimander voting system by which landowners’ votes were worth 5 times as much as citydwellers’. This was in the 70s!
            His regime lasted decades, and constitutes a more shameful episode in Australian history than its convict legacy.

          • i believe he was knighted.
            also got a state funeral.
            fascist scum.
            please re-cite that early conspiracy source, Danielle. can’t find it. there was an Aussie guy called Saunders, who found that there was a conspiracy dating from the 70s, in which key members of all major political parties were loyal to their own secret group, not even slightly honest about representing their party or their constituency. he uncovered a data bank in a heavily fortified telstra building in Canberra, and a plot to give assault rifles to aboriginals on land in WA which was wanted for mining.

          • Barry R Smith. He travelled world wide & particularly Aus. Not the one you mention above tho. Didn’t know about Peterson. Shows who the Brits celebrate though; the knighthood I mean.

          • thanks Danielle
            a link to a page that gives the best feel for the technology of chemtrails that i have seen. http://allaircraftarenotinvolved.freeforums.org/haarp-atmospheric-research-the-big-players-involved-t141-50.html
            only found it recently but we used to live on the Syd-Melb air corridor for 4 years, and observed how chemspray tied in with the artificial prolongation of a serious drought in the headwaters ovf the Murray R. which is Australia”s bread basket. Coincidentally perhaps, these years (05-08) were when the water legislation came in which makes it easy for corporate farms to squeeze out the small guy.

          • Thnx Steve…I will register & look soon. Interesting re the river – all about genocide in reality. And Barry Smith spoke much of the methodology of the nwo,,..to destroy the small guys, small businesses etc. first, then go for the bigger ones. He does write from a Biblical stance…and if you are not that way inclined, nevertheless he is an excellent source in that he collected the news media clippings globally (sent to him by others) – and compiled an excellent time line. Many are from Aus. One in particular is a quick snap/cartoon of the mark/barcode on hand and forehead – with ‘don’t leave home without it’. That was I think during the 80s. Quietly feeding the populace.

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