On Three More dead Soldiers, Hungary and Drones or Why We Have No Place In Afghanistan

If I told you  that if New Zealand was attacked I would take up arms and fight as many of the enemy as I could and if I were to die in battle I would try to take as many of the enemy with me as I could I dare say I would be heralded as a true patriot wouldn’t you say?

Here in New Zealand as with our partners in the Coalition of the killing willing we would like to think of ourselves as people who want to be free and who would drive a foreign invader out.

The thing is that for some reason we don’t extend that right to little brown people with funny clothes. They are supposed to invite us into their home and take the invasion of their country as a good thing.

So if a video appears of an Afghani who is celebrated as a hero for infiltrating the enemy and successfully killing and wounding them we call it “sickening” and the guy being celebrated a “turncoat” but let me assure you that just like us the local population thinks of this man as a true hero and someone who serves his country and his people honourably.

It is not them but as after all who are killing his tribesmen with drones and depleted Uranium and who are poisoning his people with heroine and other garbage.

Kiwi soldiers, whether we call them the provincial rebuilding team or not, a name by the way which is only for our own propaganda purposes, the men stationed in New Zealand are soldiers. They are armed and willing to use those arms and they are not defending New Zealand or the US, they are in another peoples country killing other peoples men, women and children because while they may not personally do the shooting (we are not told how many people they shoot in our MSM are we?) they are part of a coalition which has no problem lying about the innocent civilians they kill and the local population sees them as such.

A country like Hungary knows this and they are only there because they could not really refuse and they wanted to be part of Western Europe instead of the East block and they are not about to let their soldiers get killed in senseless midnight excursions. they are waiting it out and will get out as soon as they can.

The sooner we realise this the sooner we can begin with withdrawing our soldiers from Afghanistan and stop them from being killed in this illegal war of aggression.

11 thoughts on “On Three More dead Soldiers, Hungary and Drones or Why We Have No Place In Afghanistan

  1. i think this war is special in one particular way.
    thanks to the internet, a large number of people knows that 911 was a big conspiracy and a monstrous crime committed by a cynical cabal. The events at Pearl Harbour and the Gulf of Tonkin carry the same sad and shameful duplicity but the general public was in the dark. It is hugely disappointing that our justice systems have all fallen short, being too timid to go after the 911 criminals and their political pimps who are complicit by their lies and silence.

    • I think that this is the moment the whole globe is going to begin to understand how “leaders” work.

      If someone is in need of that much control over others they are

      1/ Psychopaths
      2/ Greedy in a very sick way which requires real treatment
      3/ and they will use whatever manipulation required to get and keep their power. This includes corruption, bribery, false flag operations and war.

      • i read that the Danish Vikings were proud of their individual autonomy. If a stranger arrived and said, “who is your leader?” , he was told “you can talk to me. we are all leaders here”.
        Greed and fear. The carrot and the stick.

  2. What does “Whe” mean?
    Also, you know a lot about Hungary and their diplomatic intentions, where did you learn this?

    • Hi James, thank you for pointing out the typo in the title. It doesn’t do an automatic spell check and sometimes it slips through. Also Dutch is my first language.

      I grew up in Europe during the post war years. The iron curtain and the cold ware were on everyone’s mind and I knew Hungarians who escaped from Hungary when the Russians invaded Hungary in 1956 in order to keep them firmly in the East block.

      After the end of the Communist era and the fall of the wall Hungary was finally able to set its own course and when I visited the country in the early 2000s for a work assignment I was able to fully understand what the Hungarians went through.

      the Capital Budapest was modelled after Paris, the people loved Western culture and were keen entrepreneurs. They call themselves Magyar have a language of incredible complexity only related to one other language (Finnish) and are fiercely independent and they still remember the oppression and deaths from the their history. They are politically aware like most people in Europe because our history is one of warring leaders and bloodshed.

      Their leaders may want to be part of the European trade opportunities and as such they have to be part of NATO (which gives them also some protection against possible Russian aggression) but that doesn’t mean they are prepared to have their people killed in another man’s war.

      These people are not as stupid and ignorant as the average Kiwi who has no idea how the real world out there works and is still ensconced in the British Empire mentality. You can take my word for that.

  3. the person who is close to me is out of Afghanistan now, but i will never be the same. When i hear of a kiwi or aussie casualty, it really hurts. and the mealy-mouthed political platitudes and the unctious crocodile tears, that makes my blood boil.
    i’m quite hopeful that the U.S. military will purge their treacherous fat controllers. They are sworn to uphold their Constitution, which is a majestic icon, and there is always the fall-back of the individual states themselves. If the U.S. federal govt. got vaporised this afternoon, it wouldn’t be missed much. The states are strong, and the counties are strong.

  4. i have spoken with several soldiers who were going, or have been, to Afghanistan. All of them showed that they were confronted (most uncomfortable) with the aspect of their job that involved shooting at people. Every last one of them had the attitude that they were fully prepared to defend themselves. Not one rambo amongst them. maybe we should focus our ire on the cunning ruthless old pigs who own Raytheon Boeing etc, and our beloved leaders who all orchestrate these deeply destructive and shameful events to the musical accompaniment of litanies of lies?
    let us be a little understanding towards our very young soldiers, even though they make an easier target?

    • As well, the salient fact is, all moral issues aside, civil stability in the coming years, is going to be completely dependant on the decent people in the militaries, the police and the secret services of the world, standing up for right, over might. So we better encourage them in this. Jelalladin Rumi said,” you cant teach by contradiction”

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