On Watercare, $ 100 a month bills and Aucklands Privatised Water!

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Update: received a photo of a bill!

News is beginning to reach me that Auckland residents are receiving bills for water of around a $100 a month. They are receiving these from a company called Watercare.

I would  like to have a copy of the contract the receiver of these bills has signed with this company agreeing to the conditions and a document proving that this company is a legal party in the contract to deliver water to the signer of said contract.

If these documents are non existent I would like to suggest that the recipients of these bills refuse to pay and take the company to court for fraud and extortion and impersonating a legal party in what is the delivery of an essential service of a resource not owned by anybody (according to John Key our Prime Minister)

14 thoughts on “On Watercare, $ 100 a month bills and Aucklands Privatised Water!

  1. Be careful. Our water bill went from $50 in July to $89 in August, $100 in September, now it’s $145 in November, it’s nearly TRIPLED since July and our water usage has remained the same, in fact it’s decreased since we had a person move out in August.

    So I queried the charge and went to check the meter and it had no cover on it. Apparently one of the meter readers took it away 6 months prior to get it replaced and never did.

    It had been buried in dirt, when I dug through it was like digging through an undisturbed grave, the dirt was riddled with worms and tree roots and still I couldn’t get through to the meter itself to get a reading.

    So the incredible thing is how on earth the meter guy was able to read this in less than 30 seconds just 6 short days ago when I still have not been able to uncover the meter as it’s so covered with dirt it would take ages to do so.

    This meter clearly had NOT been read in MONTHS so where are they getting their estimates from?

    Apparently we’re using 884 litres/day and there are only 3 people in the house. Our usage habits have not changed for months.

    So unless he has a crystal ball, where is the meter reader getting that figure from? Makes me irate!

    So I challenged Watercare services and am having a meter reader come out and show me how on earth they managed to get the reading when the meter is so damn covered with dirt it’s impossible to get one.

    I call shenanigans on this one!

  2. I think the guy in charge of Watercare just got 500,000 for putting everyones bill up to 100 a month.
    If enough people don’t pay then they won’t be able to afford to pay him his bonus!

  3. i live at north short and my bill has go up from 30 dollars per a month to 150 each month.what the head is going on?anything we can do about it?

    • We are all paying for water in our rates. Even we do although we collect our water from our roof. this is significant step towards monopolising water as a state owned resource and the next step is to privatise it.

      • gst, landtax, electricity, bank charges, usury on student loans, water, dog registration…….who is getting the money? i think it is going to the northern hemisphere banksters, who have established lines of influence right down to local govt. Only solution? Start again, rebuild local councils from the ground up, and make sure our grandchildren have a political education and sense of civic duty, as the generation between is hopelessly lost in cyberspace

          • Just saying you reminded me of an article I wanted to post about Gaddafi. Not the one you linked to but another one although I will also link to yours as it is very interesting. I just don’t like to name names unless people tell that is OK.

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