“I Don’t Think The Terrible Loss We’ve Suffered… Means We Should Leave Earlier,” Says The Man Who Went To a Baseball Game To Watch His Son.

We are apparently paying a heavy price in Afghanistan with two more troops and $185 million in costs with another $32 million planned for this year as the “rebuilding” team prepares to withdraw. And all this because we are fighting a war on Terror. A war on a Noun. A war on an abstract idea.

This week three US marines were lured to their deaths by local security forces and dozens of attacks by the “Taliban” are reported in the Eastern provinces in what is a clear message that the Afghan people are not done yet with what they consider to be the invader and their history is rife with histories over empires trying to establish dominance over their country.

Thousands of Afghanis, men women and children died as a result of the Western war on “Terror”. In Pakistan hundreds (that we know of) have been killed in ways that most of us would experience in total terror with unmanned drones operated by men living in opulent suburbs in the US and I put it to you that these are the people who really did pay a terrible price and they can’t wait for us to leave.

In New Zealand the families who lost loved ones have paid the price. The men who died have paid the price and all of us who have to chuck in a couple of dollars will have paid a tiny weeny little price for the maintenance of the empire we are part of but the one person who hasn’t paid a single bit of a price ( and who probably made a bundle on his military industrial complex shares) is the man saying we should not retreat earlier and who will possibly announce we need more troops as the reality of our submission to NATO and the US kicks in, that is the man who went to watch a baseball game with his son in the team. The son I can assure you won’t enter the army an will never pay the ultimate price.

A son I might add John Key was able to see while the parents and family of those who died will never have that opportunity again. I put it to you that John Key has once again shown his callousness and hypocrisy in manipulating the sentiments in this country with regards to the war on “Terror”. A war based on lies.

An illegal war in which him and his rich palls are making fortunes.

3 thoughts on ““I Don’t Think The Terrible Loss We’ve Suffered… Means We Should Leave Earlier,” Says The Man Who Went To a Baseball Game To Watch His Son.

  1. Key seems to have the “Kissinger” ethos…
    “Henry Kissinger – “Military Men Are Just Dumb, Stupid Animals To Be Used As Pawns In Foreign Policy” “

  2. Key should send his precious ones, Stephie & Max, into combat. Perhaps that should be his penance!

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