The “War On Terror” Has Changed, and Not One In 1,000 Americans (and not a single Kiwi) Has Noticed

1984 revisited by the new Zealand MSM. Un fucking believable!

Lately I have been having the most amazing online discussions with people who without going through the trouble of actually exercising their critical thinking facilities completely accept the mainstream media meme that it is up to us to liberate poor brown people in Arab countries from their “Dictators”.

In fact I have been banned from the Pundit site for calling some of their “Pundits” on their  bullshit (Feel free to add your two cents) with regards to their dimwitted epistles on Assad and their ignorance with regards to the many shades of grey surrounding the Syrian situation.

But what is the most astonishing part of their compliance to the ruling elites version of the “truth”is that none of these nincompoops has even the remotest inkling of how drastic the war on terror has changed in the last few Propaganda wars against the likes of Gadaffi and Assad.

In Afghanistan and Iraq we fought or so we were told this powerful new enemy which had been able to fly two planes in the Twin Towers and one in the Pentagon on 9/11 2001, breaking all laws of physics while doing so. they were called “al Qaeda” but now it seems we are fighting hand in hand with those same dangerous terrorists to “liberate” the peoples of Libya and Syria.

And I wonder; Am I the only one who thinks there is something very off  with this situation?


What You Should Know about this “Unthinkable” Development…

In George Orwell’s novel 1984,  the country of Oceania has been in a war against Eurasia for years.

Oceania suddenly switches sides, naming Eastasia as its enemy and making its mortal enemy, Eurasia, its new ally.

The government uses propaganda to convince people that, “We’ve always been at war with Eastasia”.  The dumbed-down public doesn’t even notice that they’ve switches sides, and blindly rallies around Eurasia as its perennial friend and ally.

The same thing is happening in real life with Al Qaeda.

Western governments and mainstream media have admitted that Al Qaeda is fighting against the secular Syrian government, and that the West is supporting the Syrian opposition … which is helping Al Qaeda.

Similarly, the opposition which overthrew Libya’s Gadaffi was mainly Al Qaeda … and they now appear to be in control of Libya (and are instrumental in fighting in Syria.)

The U.S. also funds terrorist groups within Iran.

Of course, Al Qaeda was blamed for 9/11, and the entire decades-long “War on Terror” was premised on rooting out Al Qaeda and related groups.

So the fact that we now consider Al Qaeda fighters to be allies in any way, shape or form is positively Orwellian.

Remember, as Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser admitted on CNN, we organized and supported Bin Laden and the other originators of “Al Qaeda” in the 1970s to fight the Soviets.  (he also told the Senate in 2007 that the war on terror is “a mythical historical narrative”. )

As professor of strategy at the Naval War College and former National Security Agency intelligence analyst and counterintelligence officer John R. Schindler documents, the U.S. supported Bin Laden and other Al Qaeda terrorists in Bosnia.

But obviously we lost control and they turned against us … and then it took us years to hunt down and kill Bin Laden. Right?

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8 thoughts on “The “War On Terror” Has Changed, and Not One In 1,000 Americans (and not a single Kiwi) Has Noticed

  1. I posted a comment in the same vein, Craig, on RT’s twitter site as “babouviste”. It’s worse than the article would have it, if my suspicions are right. I’m way behind in my web building, but I have links to abundant research that has convinced me that major secret treaties were signed between the Third Reich civil authorities and the Western victors of WWII. These treaties gave then-German Nazism a refuge in the U.S.A. and laid the basis for a re-emergence of not a Fourth Reich, but the Third Reich in all its bestial criminality, somewhere in the future (and I am adamant that this will also at some point involve scapegoating world Jewry). We are quickly moving into that future that they foresaw and planned for within secret and semi-secret thinktanks for 60 years. I also tackle the political-historical climate in which Eric Blair (George Orwell) wrote his 1984. I seriously believe that the NATO strategy in the Balkans, Africa, and the Middle East is a re-start of Operation Barbarossa. You can see what I have up so far at my website below.

  2. I posted a similar comment on RT,…a few red neck Americans were bemoaning Assad and his treatment of his people and how the US was helping the SFA, I pointed out in the article that it was Al Qaeda terrorist’s fighting the Syrian army,..and that, weren’t they the enemy that the US government were trying to eliminate since 9/11?,…I think 90% of Americans are truly brainwashed.

    • “and not a single Kiwi” is a pretty broad statement .
      Americans have a flag so far up their ass that they don’t even realise that Al Quieda is being paid to fight the Assad regime and paid by America ! how fucked up is that ?

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