They Hang Them Here, They Hang Them There, They Hang Them Everywhere, Except in the West

Hat tip Mick MC… This from Tehran.

Four bankers condemned to hang, two to lifetime Prison and the rest of some 36 bankers to jail time of anywhere from 25 years, 20 years, 10 years, to less severe sentences. For what? The embezzlement of a mere $2.6 Billion.

In China two female bankers have been convicted to the death penalty for merely losing a couple of millions of dollars in Ponzy schemes and while both are repealing the penalty suggests that judges in China understand that trust and honesty are of the essence in the financial world.

In Iceland the Prime Minister was convicted for negligence during the banking collapse and while the conviction carried no consequences there might be more severe consequences for the bankers currently being hunted down by the posse send after them and even in Ireland they are beginning to wake up to the scam perpetrated 0n them.


Compare that with the $ 500 to $ 1500 Trillion in worthless Derivatives and the fraudulent manipulation of the LIBOR rate Western bankers have been corrupting our entire planet with and you get an idea what we should be doing with our banksters and with John Key’s silence on the LIBOR scam we have as our Prime Minister someone who is far more than just negligent. If you are aware of a crime being committed by foreigners against the people you are supposed to represent you hold shtum you are complicit and you are committing treason. I suggest we start with setting the Serious crime squad on him.

4 thoughts on “They Hang Them Here, They Hang Them There, They Hang Them Everywhere, Except in the West

  1. Unfortunately, the SFO has a dose of corruption about it as well,….it always seems to be the state service employees at the top of the pile,..those that need to be trusted the most, that act like pigs to the trough of tax payer dollars.

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