No News On LIBOR and the Finance Front? It’s Holiday Baby!

For those of you who think nothing is being said in the MSM about both the Financial Global Collapse and the LIBOR rigging scam may I remind you that this is August and that every politician, journalist, banker and their dog on the Northern Hemisphere is currently on holiday so not a lot seems to be happening. Added to that the Olympic games are taking a lot of attention away from the issues that should be on everybody’s mind.

There are however things on the move under the radar. Here are a few links you might want to read up on.

  • Timothy Geithner visited the German Finance minister and came out with a non statement.
  • the same Timothy Geithner visited Greece to encourage them to leave the Euro for the return to the Drachma. The only way Greece or so he thinks can do that is by becoming a permanent US basis so they can bypass Turkey which is reluctant to aid and abet their war machine against fellow Muslims.
  • Berkshire Bank (Not related to Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway) has just filed a court case against Bank of America, JP Morgan Barclay’s and  Citi Group as the banks they allege are central to the LIBOR rigging case.
  • Germany is now 300% of GDP in hock because they bailed out Greece which will not go down very well when die Merckel comes home from Holiday together with millions of angry Germans.
  • While Standard & Poor kept the UK’s triple A rating in tact Moody’s is warning it will rate the UK down because of its poor performance.

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