The American Economy is at a Standstill but NZ Milk Prices will Rise

The US farming community is suffering major draughts and herds have been killed of as the price of grain is becoming prohibitive so the logical conclusion is that Kiwi farmers will be able to fetch a higher price for their milk solids.

But is it?

Here is another example of Main stream media bizarro land. In the New Zealand Herald an article announces that the US economy is almost at a standstill (It is not! Their economy is contracting. the only part still growing is tha banking sector) while on the Stuff site another journalist who clearly lives in hope eternal announces that our farmers can take advantage of the misery of the US farmers and will be able to sell of their milk solids at much higher prices.

In America 50 million people are on food stamps and about a 100 million are out of work. In Europe countries are collapsing and while I’m sure that there will be demand for Kiwi milk and butter I hope like hell Kiwi farmers are reading more than the mainstream media outlets because it is deteriorating rapidly out there and milk will be very low on the priority list for people fighting for their next piece of bread.

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