How Will the 99% Deal with the Psychopaths in the 1%?

I personally favour the French solution.

By Joe Brewer

Did you know that roughly one person in a hundred is clinically a  psychopath?  These individuals are either born with an emotional deficiency that keeps them from feeling bad about hurting others, or they are traumatized early in life in a manner that causes them to become this way. With more than 7 billion people on the planet that means there are as many as 70,000,000 psychopaths alive today. These people are more likely to be risk takers, opportunists motivated by self-interest and greed, and inclined to dominate or subjugate those around them through manipulative means.

Last year, the Occupy Movement drew a distinction between the top 1% and the remaining 99% — as distinguished by measures of wealth and income.  Of course, this breakdown is misleading, since there are many top income earners who sympathize with the plights of others and are not part of the problem. But the real defining metric reveals itself: 1% of the global population is comprised of people who exhibit psychopathic tendencies.

The global economy we have today is built on a deep history of top-down hierarchies that promote domination and control.  There have been plenty of feudal lords, warrior chieftains, and violent dictators throughout the last 6000 years of burgeoning civilization.  The modern era saw the ascension of “ corporate personhood ” as an amoral entity enshrined into law by an 1886 ruling of the US Supreme Court.  This provided a new mechanism for mobilizing capital by the moneyed elites to deploy their wealth into the realm of public policy and civil society — creating the dysfunctional economic system we must now contend with as we struggle to address global challenges.

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3 thoughts on “How Will the 99% Deal with the Psychopaths in the 1%?

  1. beautiful writing, but where is the substance? one of the problems in this article is the assumption that our history is well known, including our evolution. this is not true at all; even the story of the last 6000 years has been largely obliterated with various disasters.
    an interesting window is opened by the miraculous access we have to the Sumerian literature. Anyone reading these histories can feel the ring of truth, if they are so attuned. It seems possible that some of these conversations have been faithfully reported across vast spans of time…….

    • Sometimes I just like to link to something which I liked reading and which I think might be interesting for others too.

      As I said I prefer the French solution to clear up too many psychopaths in the “elite”. It keeps the others from becoming too greedy for a long time.

      • ok
        very brave to say so when presently the crazies are paymasters for the US military.
        On my give-away biros when i had a rockblasting business was written ( paraphrased from a Canned Heat song) “the pen is mightier than the sword, but no match for explosives” The French solution might have worked if carried right through, but only for so long. Certainly it would not work now, because everybody holding stocks and bonds is directly complicit in the mess. Your approach is nourishing though! Whereas that article will never lead anywhere but to more words.

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