Flight Data Recorder Expert Dennis Cimino on the Fake Pentagon 77 Data Recorder.

On June 17, 2012 at the Vancouver 911 Hearing flight data recorder expert Dennis Cimino who is also a professional Pilot made a presentation. He tells the audience about how the alleged data found on the data recorder which was allegedly found at the “crash site” at the Pentagon. This is the first time this evidence was presented.

It is 46 minutes long and fairly dry but I found it riveting. His presentation makes it abundantly clear that the data on the box is false and it adds even more weight to the already abundant evidence that the official Conspiracy Theory is a great big lie!

8 thoughts on “Flight Data Recorder Expert Dennis Cimino on the Fake Pentagon 77 Data Recorder.

  1. Controlled demolition requires all columns to be severed simultaneously and evenly in order to prevent a building toppling over.

    Each WTC tower had about 240 outer columns and 47 core columns made with steel up to 5 inches thick. Assuming for the sake of argument that each column was cut (melted) by the incendiary known as ‘thermite’ at each floor, that would require 287 x 110 floors = 31570 individual thermite reactions – each one hot enough to melt through up to 5 inch thick steel columns almost instantly.

    Being more conservative and assuming the columns were cut every four floors would still require nearly 8000 thermite reactions, each capable of slicing massive steel columns. ie many, many, many times hotter, and brighter than the thermite reactions shown in this video.

    Hold that thought for a moment….

    WTC1 (a 500,000 ton, 110 story steel and concrete tower) can be seen coming apart here.

    In that video can you see 31570 powerful thermite reactions burning brightly? Presumably 31570 thermite reactions capable of melting inches-thick steel would be visible. After all, ordinary fire is visible and thermite burns much more brightly and vigorously.

    ….. can you see a more conservative 8000 thermite reactions burning brightly? …… in fact can you see even a single thermite reaction burning brightly as it melts through a single solitary column?

    No. None of the videos of the towers coming apart shows even a single solitary thermite reaction.

    So what CAN you see in the WTC 1 video linked above?

    If you watch each of the steel outer sections as they fall through the air (accelerating at free fall) you can see that they are all pumping out vast quantities of thick dust in their wake for up to a 1000 feet.

    That’s interesting because thermite can’t turn steel to dust and even if it could we see no bright thermite reactions at all.

    In addition to this we know that 14 people survived in Stairwell B of WTC1 situated in the core. Do you think they could have survived thousands of thermite reactions raining molten steel onto their heads? Do you think they could have survived 500,000 tons of building collapsing onto their heads? Imagine a steel foundry 1/4 mile long working flat out. Now imagine lifting it up and tipping in on one end and then dropping it onto 14 people. Would they survive that?

    It would certainly appear that the buildings did not collapse from jet fuel fires and neither were they brought down by controlled demolition. Instead it would appear that the majority of the mass of the buildings never even hit the ground – the towers were turned to dust in mid air.

    Just don’t mention any of this to AE911 Truth, because they get terribly upset!

    The fascinating history of the formation of the 9/11 truth movement is discussed in detail here…

    … and in this free book

    The 9/11 hearings and the state of the ‘truth movement’ generally are discussed in this fascinating conversation.

    Dr Judy Wood’s full presentation can be viewed here

    “Do you think the people who planned 9/11 forgot to plan a cover up?” – Dr Judy Wood

      • have looked at Judy Wood’s material.
        Clearly there is more involved than conventional demolition. I still think the concrete may have been pulverized conventionally, but clearly, something strange attacked a great part of the material. It is alleged that Nikola Tesla was “minded” in his later years by George Bush’s grandfather. Some of Judy’s pics look Tesla-esque, that is, the results of resonant frequency technology. The other thing that springs to mind is sonic energy. Bruce Cathy records having seen monks lift huge boulders, using sound, and there is the well-known precedent of the destruction of the walls of Jericho.

        • Re: concrete pulverisation/ dustification…

          It’s worth remembering that no toilets, floor trusses, filing cabinets, glass, carpets, desks, chairs, computers, electrical wiring etc were found…… yet unburned paper was everywhere!

          I also recommend looking at pictures of the Bankers Trust building which was missing its entire marble facade. The rest of the facade was (relatively) undamaged – only the marble was gone as if removed by ‘marble thieves’ (and it was clearly not in pieces directly below on the pavement either).

          Bankers Trust also had a large piece of WTC 2 steel embedded in it and some VERY weirdly deformed steel beams sticking out of it. They repaired the damaged section and then once the building work was complete they dismantled the whole building piece by piece. Official reason was a ‘mould infection’ but the steel appeared to be rusting dramatically. Dr Wood suggests it may have been ‘infected’ with the (non self quenching) molecular dissociation which spilled over as the rest of the WTC complex was being dustified.

          This ongoing molecular dissociation would also account for the fuming at ground zero which went on for years. The rumours of ‘intense heat in the basements’ was likely a cover story. It wasn’t smoke/ steam at all… it was fuming material (ie ongoing molecular dissociation). Apparently all the new buildings have steel columns encased in concrete ‘boots’…..

          A quick note on the flight recorder video (which was very interesting). The guy talks about the severed light poles at the Pentagon and one which went through the cab driver’s windshield, as if this proves they were not ‘planted’ before hand.

          I have no idea if they were planted or not… but in a recent-ish documentary about the Pentagon they show pictures of the cab and pole. The pole is lying on the road beside the car which has a smashed windshield but there are no pictures of it actually sticking into the car although that is the cab driver’s story. What’s interesting and the hood is not dented or even scratched. How does that happen? Even removing a big light pole is going to dent the hood. It does rather look like someone just smashed the windshield with a hammer and then placed the pole beside the car!

          The documentary includes an interview with the cab driver. He even takes them to see the cab which is parked in his back garden – still with its pristine hood. At one point the cab driver insinuates that he was ‘leaned on’ about the pole story.

          But who knows what happened?

          Faling chunks of WTC steel turning to dust in mid air… at least that’s something no one can refute!

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