On Adidas, the Olympic Games and Slave Labour, another Reason to Ignore the Games

I haven’t seen it but it seems that the Olympic Games would be more accurately named the “Adidas games” as the Adidas logo is prominently visible in most of the shots.

Adidas it should come as no surprise has “sponsored” the games and it has done so to the tune of US$122 million, making the Olympic games the most expensive ad for a company of all times.

The thing is Adidas has and that is a public secret, a dirty little secret. It hates paying the people who actually make the stuff they sell at exorbitant prices. What they hate it even more is to pay the people they fire a severance pay as agreed in their contracts.

Now, the Olympic games are purported to promote the values of international friendship and cooperation. How about we hold them to these values. And while it is only a small gesture and we all know that big corporations don’t give a flying hoot about international friendship and cooperation why don’t you hop on over and sign this petition.

After you turned your TV to a channel not showing the games and breaking away from the global Olympic psychosis!

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