On the Olympic Games, Economic Collapse and Why I Won’t Be Watching Them

I gloriously missed the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic games and judging by the un-ignorable volume of photo’s of the “queen’s” knickers as she parachuted down to the Mr. Bean act I haven’t missed much.

Instead I have read the stuff that should be on anybodies mind instead of what we in coming years will look back at as one of the most decadent and expensive “give them Beer and Skittles exercise” of all times, in a time were we should have paid attention to what our ruling elite has in store for us.

Here are some of the links you might want to read up on in between watching people running, jumping, horse riding, swimming and throwing things:

The UK is in such a financial decline it will lead to blood on the streets in the very near future. In fact here is a graph of its current exposure to the inevitable financial collapse we are watching in Europe.

The Green bits in the graphs is the exposure these countries have to the financial derivatives and products now collapsing. The UK has a time bomb of exposure hanging over their heads of 600% of the GDP. That’s right, that is 6x their entire annual economy!

What financial mayhem is the UK exposed too?

Something we should also pay attention too instead of the most hideous display of England’s uncloaking as the Empire it still is, is the war NATO and the US or rather the deep government behind the curtain is unleashing while nobody is paying attention: the War against Syria and Iran and while I personally think the powers that be might skip a false flag event during the Olympic Games I think they will make the most of the global psychosis of Candy floss athletic mayhem about to be unleashed on the peoples of this planet.

May the games begin!

5 thoughts on “On the Olympic Games, Economic Collapse and Why I Won’t Be Watching Them

  1. I’ve never been much of a “sports fan” (except when we’re beating our Aussie cuzzies – then it’s a case of patriotic duty!

    But we won’t be watching the Olympic Games either. Too much like “bread & circuses”… And the waste of taxpayers’ money on the RWC is still forefront in my mind…

    • This spectacle is costing $17 Billion. Think of it the entire Cullen fund is estimated at $19 Billion and that has to see us through for the next 50 years. Hideous!

  2. I’ll be happy if the “Games” don’t go nuclear ! Or don’t get used as a distraction for Israel to do a little blood letting !

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