BBC Covers Up War Crimes – Misleads Over Syrian Security Operations.

No surprise there!

When big lies must be told, BBC is there. From Iraq to Afghanistan to Libya and now Syria, BBC has paved the way for Western disinformation meant to mange public perception around a war the public would otherwise never support or tolerate.

The BBC, caught on record producing entire “documentaries” on behalf of corporate-financier interests, has already been caught in immense lies regarding the NATO-fueled destabilization of Syria. This includes the disingenuous use of photos from Iraq, to depict a so-called “massacre” in the village of Houla, Syria.

Now, as NATO’s Al Qaeda mercenaries operating under the banner of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” flow over the Turkish-Syrian border in an attempt to overrun the city of Aleppo, BBC is there, attempting to manipulate the public’s perception as the conflict unfolds.

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2 thoughts on “BBC Covers Up War Crimes – Misleads Over Syrian Security Operations.

    • when you had occasional war, truth was always the first casualty, but everyone knew it. Now that the death merchants have got a continuous war going, supporting their insane production lines, we are starting to lose touch with the value of Truth itself. This can only lead to chaos and out-and-out loss. No future for anyone’s children, rich or poor. No culture, eventually complete disorder.
      I visited Alleppo. About 1980. There was an insurrection in the city. It was completely ringed by tanks dug into a huge rampart. Pointing inwards. All travellers were searched for weapons. There were daily gunbattles in the streets. We did not see mention of this in the MSM before we went, nor ever since. It was quite a surprise.

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