And There She Blows! The Next Phase of the European Collapse.

While Italy (here is the blacklist of the 10 Italian cities most likely to collase) and Spain (which has only 40 days worth of funds left) are clamping down on Short selling (Betting that the value of their currencies will go down) in order to protect what’s left of their economies, Moody’s is downgrading Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg to outlook negative in what can only be described as the next phase of the total global economic wipe out even a research company like Phoenix research is now openly announcing. Hold on to your seats it’s going to be a wild ride for a while!

3 thoughts on “And There She Blows! The Next Phase of the European Collapse.

    urban people need to start learning food-production skills. When i was six, at a small rural school, every child was paired up with another child, and was allocated a “claim”……a small section of the school grounds where they had a proprietory interest in what was planted and grew. This implied a healthy competition and cooperation, and established a love for the fun and power of mini-agriculture, at just the right age.

    • In Holland every city child of which I was one had to cycle for bloody miles to go to a special rural garden area where the were allocated their own dirt bed. We had to plant flowers, veggies and some strawberries. We went through one spring-summer-autumn growing cycle and brought all our produce home toe eat and enjoy. I hated the hot summer labour of weeding and toil but like bringing my stuff home.

      I still hate the hot toil but I compensate by doing most of the hard slog in the late winter early spring and I still love bringing my veggies in and eating out of our own garden.

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