Here is Why You Are Obsolete.

Here is the Graph that shows why you and I are obsolete.

The Graph which starts is in 1995 shows that at that time  human labour was actually needed to raise the standard of living not just for the general population but for the corporations too.

What it shows historically is that the trend is for Corporations and Financial institutions to create wealth independent of the physical labour of human beings. The two grey vertical bars show 1 the collapse of the Dotcom bubble and 2 the collapse of the housing market and the subsequent subprime financial market.

The read line shows the decline in jobs and employment. This is due to the outsourcing of jobs to China and other countries.

And what it shows above all is that the rise of profit is mirrored in the decline of job opportunities for the American people but rest assured the same pattern goes for Europe and New Zealand.

What this means is that the .0% is raking in all the money, gold and resources leaving the 99.9% with absolutely nothing.

And what that means is they have no need for us any more and one failure of the food crops in say US corn market est assured the great starvation will begin.


4 thoughts on “Here is Why You Are Obsolete.

  1. This says alot.They make it sound like these new trade agreements are good for us…some, but not American labor. Our own leaders have put a boycott on American, EU, N.Z. labor.

  2. This will implode soon and we will be the only mechanism that can save the world …people ! Not Corporations.

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