The 9/11 Storyboard Explained

Here is the link to the interview I gave to Jim Fetzer explaining my research into the planing and storyboarding of the attacks of 9/11. The interview was on June 11, 2012 but I didn’t realise it was recorded.


Jim Fetzer is one of the most prominent researchers on the Kennedy assassination, The Welstone murder and 9/11 which he approaches with a rebellious and  controversial abandon and with other equally controversial and intelligent 9/11 researchers such as Kevin Barret and Webster Tarpley to name a few.

Today we did another interview about the relation of the global financial manipulation, LIBOR, the BOE and the New York fed to the events of 9/11. It will be broadcasted tomorrow and I will link to it as soon as it is posted on Jim Fetzers blog the Real Deal

8 thoughts on “The 9/11 Storyboard Explained

  1. terrific interview
    i agree with you….real planes. though certainly not the “hijacked”ones.
    if only because to my knowledge, no video has surfaced of fireballs without planes.
    as you say, an ordinary plane would splatter against the wall, with only the engines penetrating much.
    brief general primer on explosives:
    there is a vast spectrum of types, classified broadly by the speed at which they propogate. Very broadly, high explosive is used for shattering and low explosive for heaving. i understand thermite to be very low on the scale, so low as to not be classified as an explosive, more a violent incendiary. To pulverize concrete, a fast explosive is required. probably around 7000m/s. Low speed explosive will blow it into chunks IF placed inside drill-holes. To pulverize to the degree witnessed on 911, using the best shaped charges placed against the walls and floors, would require immense quantities, producing gigantic noise, flash and flying debris. The pulverization we saw, is consistent with a lattice of fine detonating cord, built into the slabs. This is also consistent with eyewitness reports that “the walls were exploding”
    Your line on following the software story is certainly a worthwhile avenue, and, judging from what you say, was probably a major planning tool. One word of warning though. Real world materials, even standardised products, ALWAYS behave to some degree unpredictably in confrontation with explosive forces. The software will always fall short at some point, where experience and intuition must come in. Not to mention a bit of luck.

    • Thanks for your response. I agree. the fact that Nano thermite was found in the dust only indicates that at least one incendiary was used but the fact that billions of molten spheres have been found indicates that explosives with a tremendous heat and power must have been used too.

      I think that the human (Luck or bad Luck) factor has shown itself in the WTC 7 implosion and the fact that they had to pretend that a plane crashed in Pennsylvania for example.

      • yes
        there was a website that i cant find anymore which analyzed the passenger list on Fl77. It said there were a handful of Africanamerican children and their governess, but eveyone else seemed to have shadowy connections…..”defense” connections. The big headline for me is, they didnt think it would matter much if the truth leaked out a bit. This has proven to be the case. It is totally obvious who did it, and they are still at large, gaily sacrificing millions of brown- or olive-skinned babies

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