South America: Under the Radar Monzanto Coup in Paraguay

I’ve been meaning to get this out much earlier but the financial collapse and LIBOR events took over for a while.

Late in October 2011, Paraguay’s liberal Agriculture and Livestock Minister Enzo Cardoso illegally approved a new transgenic cotton seed called “Bollgard BT” – engineered by US biotechnology giant Monsanto for mass plantation.

On October 26th The Bush family bought a 100.000 acres of land atop the biggest Aquifer in the region. This of course should have alarmed the entire region as it gave one of the most corrupt families in the world control over fast areas of Paraguay and Brasil.

On the 15th of June the President of Paraguay was ousted in a coup barely mentioned in the mainstream press.


The impact of Paraguay’s president being ousted in a coup last month goes far beyond the country itself – it was global industrial powers who backed a powerful local elite to orchestrate the turnaround. It seems the left-leaning policies of president Fernando Lugo, a socialist politician and former Catholic priest, were just too much for the Global Power Masters. So, after a 24-hour “impeachment trial”, they removed him.

Fernando Lugo was elected Paraguay’s president in April 2008 running on the “Alliance for Change” ticket, marking the very first time after sixty years that the pro-US Colorado Party was swept from formal political power.  Lugo’s policies sought to redistribute wealth, giving more rights to the poor majority of the Guaraní Indian-stock population. Ideologically, Lugo is in the same socialist camp as presidents Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Evo Morales of Bolivia, and Rafael Correa of Ecuador.

­Regime Change the Monsanto Way

­Lugo’s tenure in office was not easy: a scandal over his fathering a child out of wedlock and being ordained, a battle with cancer in 2010, and very recently a violent episode of police repression when clearing public land occupied by local farmers in the township of Curuguaty on Brazil’s border.  On Friday 15th June that turned very ugly when a gun fight broke out, leaving 6 police and 11 farmers dead, and dozens injured.

The opposition quickly maneuvered politically and through their control over Congress and the media, notably the ABC Color Multimedia outlet owned by Grupo Zuccolillo who are partners of US biotechnology and grains trader Gargill Inc.  Impeachment proceedings were pushed in a record 24 hours, putting Mr Lugo out of a job and replacing him with his vice president Federico Franco.

Most South American nations rejected this coup – Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, even Chile and Colombia. However, the US, UK and EU seem to have no qualms with this coup-de-Etat; for them it’s just “democracy business as usual”.

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