US unilateral sanctions aganist Iran, violate China sovereignty according to Analyst

China has been buying lots of gold. China has been making deals with every superpower except the US to deal with these countries in their own currencies. Ad while China as an economic power is collapsing it is clearly not intending to stay depressed very long. In order to recover China has to have access […]

NZ’s Afghan veterans tested for radioactivity and Beyond Treason or why DU does not show up in Ordinary Radiation TestsTests.

I once had the opportunity to speak with Doug Rokke, one of the most ardent anti DU advocates. Doug Rokke is the man who wrote the book on DU and the disposal of weapons of mass destruction for the US army. He should know. He is dying of the effects of DU poisoning. As a […]

Netanyahu has decided to attack Iran before the U.S. Elections in November.

I don’t know if this is true. I didn’t speak with Mr. Netanyahu but we do know that he has been gagging to attack Iran for a long time. Senior Israeli officials now confirm that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has, “decided to attack Iran before the U.S. elections in November.” Netanyahu’s agenda is much broader than […]

15 Zombie Banks Downgraded Thanks to Toxic Derivatives

Last Saturday I was speaking to a group of ratepayers and Gray power members about the toxic derivatives and the $ 112 billion of them off the books  of our Government.  It turned out that a former CFO of Fonterra was in the audience. Of course Fonterra like any sensible agricultural business offset their risks […]

Al Qaeda death squads in Syria supported by CIA engineering false flags to trigger war? And what was a a Turkish jet doing in Syrian airspace?

In the last couple of months we have heard about the massacre in Houla which was alleged by the main stream media to be the handy work of the Assad regime, the sniper murders in the city of Homs and the attempt to lure a journalist to his death in order to trigger the much […]

Old and Difficult get’s you Killed in the UK claims top Doctor!

Or the need for a bed it seems is also a good reason to top old people. Hideous! NHS doctors are prematurely ending the lives of thousands of elderly hospital patients because they are difficult to manage or to free up beds, a senior consultant claimed yesterday. Professor Patrick Pullicino said doctors had turned the […]

Urban crowd control and Depleted Uranium. My haven’t we grown up!

Just three days after signing an “unbinding” Military treaty with the US! Training in California to kill brown people with another religion with Depleted Uranium which is standard issue for the US marines. How does that feel all you nuclear free “non racist” Kiwi’s? The Americans have released dramatic photos of New Zealand soldiers training […]

The end of the Dollar is nigh!

When the US Dollar is ultimately dethroned as the world’s reserve currency (and finally gets rid of all those ridiculous three letter post-Keynesian economic “theories”) nobody will have seen it coming. Well, nobody except for the following headlines: ““World’s Second (China) And Third Largest (Japan) Economies To Bypass Dollar, Engage In Direct Currency Trade“, “China, […]

False flag alert: Sweden on nuclear facility alert as explosives found at plant

Sweden has raised the alert at all its nuclear facilities after bomb sniffer dogs discovered an explosive device in the back of a truck near Stockholm’s Ringhals atomic power station. Police are investigating the incident. Although the device lacked a detonator, officers have evacuated the area around the truck and are questioning the driver. Initial […]

Max Keiser 304: European countries like drowning swimmers holding on to each other!

Here is Max Keiser with guest Satyajit Das coming to the conclusion that the European countries are like drowning swimmers holding on to each other as their economies are collapsing. I would like to extend that to all the banks which got down graded today both in England, Germany, France and the US

Oh Crud! 19 Reasons Why It Is Time To Start Freaking Out About The Global Economy

Another excellent collection of economic data and why to freak out about it from the economic collapse blog! Yes, it is officially time to start freaking out about the global economy.  The European financial system is falling apart and it is going to go down hard.  If Europe was going to be saved it would […]

New NSA docs contradict 9/11 claims

“I don’t think the Bush administration would want to see these released,” an expert tells Salon Over 120 CIA documents concerning 9/11, Osama bin Laden and counterterrorism were published today for the first time, having been newly declassified and released to the National Security Archive. The documents were released after the NSA pored through the […]

Daniel Estulin on the Bilderberg group and the “Great Cull”.

  In Greece thousands of people would starve to death if it wasn’t for the fact that Greek farmers gave away their produce for free yet we just committed a whopping $ 1.36 billion to the IMF. Our government has just committed this country  to two military Super powers which will probably see this country […]

Public-Private Partnership – Another Phrase for Fascism

I wish I had written this but I can’t make claim on it but as we are thundering towards privatisation of our utilities it might be something you want to share with your favourite politician. Source: James E. Miller The word “privatization” is a loaded term these days.  Unions and big government worshippers scoff at […]

Weapons for buddies and Greece is armed to the theeth or why we are going to have drones too!

In Keiser report 303 Max Keiser speaks with economist, professor and Member of Parliament in Tunisia, Moncef Cheikhrouhou. The conversation is interesting in that they speak about Greece and how the Greek military are out of control in buying huge amount of military equipment and it struck me that now that we have signed on […]