Something went very wrong with UK banking and we need to put it right?

Mervyn King, the governor of the Bank of England (visited by none other than our own Bankster criminal about two weeks ago) said today in what is arguably the understatement of the last oh, 1000 years that “something went very wrong with UK banking and that we need to put it right”.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but it turns out that every too big to fail banks gorging on bailouts from us, the little people, is involved in lying about interest rates that you and I rely on in order to make sure we have money enough for a pension, a mortgage, a loan for a car and I put it too you that that is not a matter of things going wrong.

That is a systematic criminal crime wave encompassing the entire globe. Here is a PDF of the court case documents of a suit against every too big to fail bank including John Key’s Bank of America for exactly that.

This is not something went very wrong. This is a purposefully executed crime of proportions never ever seen before in the history of human kind and it will lead, I think, to the fall of all these banking houses and their political minions in the not too distant future and a pox on them all for being the psychopathic predators that they are.


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