Send Beyond Treason to all pro-Depleted Uranium voters

If you like me are against the use of Depleted Uranium in wars (which of course is something we should not be involved with either) you might want to consider the following.

Here is a link to the video “Beyond Treason” which exposes the US and NATO mentality of the exposable  soldier and the real damage caused by Depleted Uranium. Not just to innocent civilians but also to the soldiers in the conflicts and that includes your own.

Here is an  excellent 10 minute presentation of the recently deceased Sr Rosalie Bertell, PhD on Depleted Uranium

And here is a documentary called the Doctor, Depleted Uranium and the Dying Children.

Here is a link to download helper and it allows you to download the all these video’s for free.

What I want you to do is to download them, put them on a CD or a DVD and send them to all the pro- Depleted Uranium voters and especially to Pita Sharples from the Maori party.

Let’s flood them with the information. If only one of them watches it and changes their mind we are on our way to staying nuclear free a bit longer.

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