Predatorial banking explained and Yes, John Key was a major player in the Thai monetary coup in 1998

As the New Zealand trader who helped Andrew Krieger commit the first destabilisation of a Nation  and that Nation being New Zealand it should come as no surprise that John Key made it big in today’s predatory banking system. After all a guy who doesn’t give a flying fuck about his own countrymen’s welfare was just the guy they needed.

For those of you new to this blog, here is my analysis of John Key’s role in several of the major global financial meltdowns of the last 25 years. Here is a flyer with the same information you might wish to print out and give to those around you who still think that John Key is a nice guy.

And here is an incredibly important interview with Economist Michael Chossudovski of the Global research institute. He talks about the history and the major players of the current global financial collapse and the repercussions for the global population. He also talks about the role of currency attacks on countries and the wars against “terrorism”.

In the second part he analyses the Occupy movement and the role of the “trainers” who infiltrated the movement. Which also by the way had a role in the Occupy movement in New Zealand effectively siphoning off the anger and energy with futile activity in order to prevent a build up of more productive resistance to the Wall street/City of London hegemony.

6 thoughts on “Predatorial banking explained and Yes, John Key was a major player in the Thai monetary coup in 1998

  1. Chossudovski interview is on “unsupported file type” for my phone. Any hints as to where i might pick it up in an androidfriendly format? thanx

      • thanx, that worked. his point about challenging the legigimacy of the socalled leadership is valid. They are traitors and criminalz. Not worthy of respect. The difficulty is psychogical. People believe what is convenient and comfortable to believe. For millennia parasitic priests have traded on this terrifying weakness in us, even selecting out non-compliant types by marginalisation and murder. Most people i know won’t look at these ideas/facts, let alone act on them. We get the government we deserve. congrats on your work

        • Thanks for reading my stuff Steve it’s up to people like you and other like minded people to make the changes we need. It is usually a small group of people who are the real change makers

          • next, we’ll be offered a knigbthood!
            not letting any reptilian with a sword anywhere near my neck

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