Asset sales and Nationalisation, Argentina leads the way!


Yesterday John Key got his way. Of course he did and I’m trying to get confirmation but it is rumoured that Goldman Sachs will do the selling. No wonder it costs us $120 million and that is cheap. The Greek paid $ 300 million to Goldman Sachs for their demise.

Actually I take that back! I just divided the sum per head of the population and they both come to about $ 27 per person.

The thing is what happens in the future and make no mistake we will be looted. That is now sealed in law. But there is good news!

Argentina which had its day in Mordor’s glare when the banksters collapsed their economy in 2002 after years of devastating recession is leading the way and hopefully we don’t have to wait a horrific three years before we figure it out.

Argentina has done the sensible thing and called oil not a commodity but an asset of National importance and nationalised the foreign owned oil companies distracting oil on their soil.

And while the writer of the article I link to has a problem with that I have to say I’m happy to announce that the example is being followed by Bolivia and make no mistake; as the financial bankster scam continues to implode and with it their ability to pay for armies and violence that trend will continue.



9 thoughts on “Asset sales and Nationalisation, Argentina leads the way!

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  2. Goldman “Pump-n-Dump” Sachs! I hope not, I wouldn’t even call them the best of a bad bunch… thery’re the worsest of the worst! Facebook anyone? That was Goldman Sachs.

    Pump up the initial offer, fleece Mum & Dad investors of some cash, go short on the share price and watch it drop ay one to find its real price, panic Mum & Dad investors into selling, buy up large and go long.

    Energy is the single most important resource in a peak-everything world.I guess we now know what John Key and Lloyd “Doing God’s Work” Blankfein were chatting with when Key went to Wall St last. Isn’t John a good little bankster?

  3. All Labour have to do is to say they will nationalise any assets sold the minute they get back into power.

  4. All Labour has to do to prevent any assets sales is to say they will nationalise any assets sold the minute they are back in office.

      • I agree with you on this, I’ve said as much in the past… but I’m wondering what role the TPPA might play in all of this. If it is ratified with a clause that enables foreign corporations to sue the Government if a Government action threatens their profitability, renationalising the assets may bring with it a massive lawsuit. Whether it is justified or not is another matter but at least two US corporatons have sued Canada (and one successfully) under a similar clause in the NAFTA.

        This may offer an alternate view of Labour and Greens circumspection on this issue… assuming, of course, they have some awareness of what’s going on in the TPPA negotiations.

        • Yep, which is why they want to keep it secret. The issue here is not whether it can or can not be done legally but if the corporations who loose out will be able to enforce the laws.

          Argentina is nationalising its resources now because they know Spain is incapable of enforcing the contract they have both signed.

          What I think will happen over the next 12 months or so is the collapse of the Euro will precipitate the collapse of the Dollar, NATO and the US military Machine as people are giving up on the system.

          This is inevitable. The current system is so unsustainable and fraudulent it would be laughable if it wasn’t so petrifying.

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