Why is John Key in such a hurry to get rid of our Assets? The pending financial collapse.

Update: Moody just junked the Spanish banking system by 1-4 points!

The entire Financial system is collapsing at an ever increasing speed rendering paper/digital money to be one of the most dangerous things to have right now.

Bankers know this and if bankers know John Key knows it too. So if you are wondering why he wants to sell our assets before even a referendum can be held keep that in mind if over the next few months you see Greece go bankrupt, Spain follow suit and the rest of the banking system collapse under the weight of $1.2 Quadrillion derivatives.

Here are some markers as to the progress of the collapse:

  • Greece’s finance minister stepped down after only one week after allegedly falling ill after seeing the real figures while the Prime minister had to have an operation on one of his eyes because of a retina splitting off which could lead to blindness if left untreated. Thing is Germany was going to send inspectors to check if the Greek had kept to their end of the bargain. That is to starve their people to receive another bail out in fiat funny money.
  • Thousands of Greek are only alive and not starving thanks to the generosity of Cretan farmers giving away their produce.
  • For the last week bank a in England has had “problems” with it’s computer system making it impossible for it’s customers to  take out money, pay bills or buy food.
  • It turns out that China has been lying about just about everything and is in far sharper decline that was previously thought
  • The governor of the Bank of England Mervyn King wants to do another round of Quantitative easing but has been told by an expert that that is not such a good idea (Think wheel barrows of money for a loaf of bread, no more savings and that pension you have worked hard for your whole live? )
  • Moody which just junked 15 of the biggest global banks is going to trash 3 Spanish banks today even as the Spanish government is officially begging for a bail out.
  • And when it all collapses here is what will happen in Europe:

John Key is very aware of what is happening and he wants to do the damage he was supposed to do and get the hell out of Dodge. John Key doesn’t want to do what’s right for New Zealand. He wants to do what’s right for him and his bankster mates as their system collapses and they want to stick billions of their useless, valueless dollars on new Zealand’s bank accounts while they plunder our real world assets.

That is why John Key is in such a hurry and if the opposition does not call it for what it is they are as liable as he is.

5 thoughts on “Why is John Key in such a hurry to get rid of our Assets? The pending financial collapse.

  1. “That is why John Key is in such a hurry and if the opposition does not call it for what it is they are as liable as he is.” The “opposition” are! as liable as he is because there is no real opposition, never has been never will be. If you cant see that fact you cant see the wool being pulled over your eyes/the illusion being played out. These trite theatrics are all distraction and deception designed to maintain power and control.

  2. It is ironic that the average New Zealand economist is blind to the machinations of bankers and financiers, when so many others can see the writing on the wall.
    2016 in NZ is going to be a year we wish we could forget. John Robinson (previously of the DSIR -NZ Department of Scientific Research and Technology; disbanded because it was to inefficient and never replaced fully) using research done by a Russian economist back in the 1950’s indentified a minor crash for 2007/8, a minor crash in 2013/14 and a major crash for 2016/17/18 in NZ. John was writing about these rashes back in the 1980s.
    Seriously if local economists were prepared to be honest and use modelling tools that accurately predict major economic events, then perhaps the successive governments might have ensured NZ had a viable solution to these crashes. Instead it would appear that if they do know, they and their buddies are shooting the passengers and deck crew and burning life jackets just so the captains, and bridge crew can be first into a leaky lifeboat.

  3. Also re Asset sales, the Green party were talking about the pragmatic good sense of public private schemes before they realised that Labour were not going to be pragmatic about it & therefore they had the license to make a song and dance about it in the media narratives of political debate.

    And there is nothing to shore up support for something/John Key as being reasonable or at least non-committal who cares by the NZ pop. than to wheel out the Green opposition to it as the alternative.

  4. I see the dairy farmers have been conned in giving up control by Fonterra. Lured by short term profits, they are now open to being bought out by banker corporations when the inevitable stock prices are bubbled and then plugged pulled while at same time facing increasing interest rates.

    Same old scheme as in other countries around the world, one of the last bastions of independent industry in New Zealand economy set up to take the now inevitable fall…

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