Journalist = Entrepeneur. Confused? Welcome to the Main Stream Media!

It may have escaped your attention but Fairfax just lost three of its main editors. Fairfax of course owns the entire Main Stream Media in New Zealand and with the demise of TVNZ 7 that means only on corporation is in charge of the News with a bit of TV owned by a Canadian corporation.

New Zealand sets with this a new record as it has allowed one company to have a monopoly on News dissemination as even America still has five News Corporations  and we all know that even that is not enough for the fourth estate to even have a semblance of impartiality and independence of the powers that be.

It may have escaped you likewise that one woman has a majority of shares in Fairfax and that woman is non other than the owner of the biggest mining conglomerate of Australia Gina Rinehart.

According to Tumeke Gina Rinehart is a climate denier and since her business is to dig up stuff to create stuff we don’t need I have no doubt she does not want to have anything in the news that would jeopardise that.

As some of you know I have problems with the Carbon tax aspect of the Climate change debate because the only real thing that would negate a surplus in Carbon in the atmosphere created by human or otherwise is the planting of more threes and not paying taxes to people who become disgustingly rich and who fly around in private jets to tell us how much more we have to pay to make the Carbon go away.

But I do have even more problems with the very important job of keeping our politicians honest in the hands of the very people controlling our politicians.

I also have huge problems with the fact that in a related issue journalists are now expected to come up with money making schemes if they want to keep their jobs as journalists at the BBC found out recently. Not that the BBC has any independence, never had and never will have but at least until recently journalists could at least go about their way gathering News which is what they are supposed to do.

The only good news about all this is that as people are getting more and more uncomfortable with the fact that the picture painted in their elite controlled media outlets does not come close to the one they have to live with such as increasingly poorer wages while the rich get richer and their increasingly shittier schools, education opportunities and job prospects the more people will find blogs such as mine, Seemorerocks, the Postmangazette , Vinnies show and many other excellent alternative News outlets.

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