English names new Reserve Bank Governor

Is this the man who will be the last reserve bank Governor or will it all collapse earlier? One thing is for sure as the 

  • Vice President and Treasurer at The World Bank
  • Director, Financial Products and Services Department at The World Bank
  • Treasurer of the New Zealand Debt Management Office and Deputy Secretary at the New Zealand Treasury

He knows exactly what is going to go down in the next 12 months or so.

Finance Minister Bill English has announced that Graeme Wheeler will replace Alan Bollard as the new Reserve Bank Governor later this year.

Bollard will step down after his second five-year term expires on September 25.

Wheeler’s extensive experience has made him a highly respected figure in world financial markets and within New Zealand, English said.

“We were fortunate to have someone of his calibre available for this important role.”

The Reserve Bank board of directors recommended Wheeler’s appointment to English after an extensive recruitment process domestically and internationally.

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One thought on “English names new Reserve Bank Governor

  1. In plain English.. with Shonkey Donkey seeming to have to have the Key to unlocking New Zealand/Aotearoa for the world elite to buy up… and now with Grim Wheeling appointed to continue the wheeling and dealing of this corrupt suicidal financial sytem.. we surely are in for the ride of our lives…this is the rollercoaster of our lives.. we are are all on it and no way to buckle in/up….what have they( the corrupt elite) in mind for themselves?…. hey, btw. a great little book to read is The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz… simple and oh, so true…cancer of the mind….that is what we all got…selling our souls for a few silverlings….. for a few moments of self-appointed power.. what have we become?….blessings….

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