Al Qaeda death squads in Syria supported by CIA engineering false flags to trigger war? And what was a a Turkish jet doing in Syrian airspace?

In the last couple of months we have heard about the massacre in Houla which was alleged by the main stream media to be the handy work of the Assad regime, the sniper murders in the city of Homs and the attempt to lure a journalist to his death in order to trigger the much needed support for an all out attack on Syria.

This weekend a Turkish jet was shot down by an unrepentant Syrian leadership and the MSM are desperate to turn that into a Gulf of Tonkin incident. It accuses the Syrians of escalating the situation which is ridiculous because the plane should not have been in Syrians airspace in the first place.

What is interesting in the jet incident is the fact that not only did Syria commit an act of “defensive” aggression it openly admitted doing it and refused to apologise for the incident which is a clear statement of intend.

This week a Russian ship was stopped at high sea near England. It was stopped because it was alleged that Russia was transporting arms to Syria. The insurer was pressurised into cancelling the ships insurance effectively forcing the ship to return to Russia. The ship had on board three helicopters belonging to the Syrian army which had been send to Russia for maintenance but it was not bringing Russian arms to Syria.

Was the downing of the Turkish jet an act of defiance in retaliation for the loss of the three helicopters or is Syria flexing its muscles because it feels safe in the knowledge that both Russia and China have committed to its defence and is it calling NATO’s bluff?

Here is an always interesting analyses of the situation with Dr Tarpley on Press TV

Press TV: What is the possible driving force behind such a degree of cruelty in the socio-ethnic context of what’s actually happening in Syria?

Tarpley: What we’re given as a description here by the Associated Press which is, of course, the official US establishment view is that there are, in effect, death squads operating in this case in northern Syria, in the Idlib region.

The author seemed to indicate 20 death squads with numbers ranging from about 100 to fewer than a hundred to slightly more than a thousand; and their job, as they see it, is to go out and kill members of the Syrian military. They’re willing to do that using classic Syrian terrorist methods. They’re animated primarily of hatred, hatred of Assad and the Assad family, and then also by religious hatred of the Alawites and perhaps others.

I would say there are a couple of obvious problems with the story. In other words, this is not the whole truth. This is a limited hangout. The first thing is that we don’t hear anything about foreign fighters. We know that there are fighters from Libya, from Saudi Arabia, from Chechnya, from all over the Mediterranean, really all over large parts of the world. People have come there to be parts of this effort.

The other side of it, of course, is that this is not informal. This is very formal and we know that from reading the New York Times yesterday, the article by Eric Schmidt, where we find that it is CIA officers operating supposedly from Turkish territory, probably also going into Syria I would add, to distribute these weapons. We’re told the absurd story that the CIA is there to make sure that the weapons don’t get into the hands of al-Qaeda.

The Associated Press is not telling us how many members of this particular column, this “foco” I guess you’d could call it, of death squads under “Al-Shaikh” which is the subject of the article, how many of them are from al-Qaeda? We don’t find out.

This is a paramilitary effort organized with the help of somebody like US Ambassador Robert Ford in Syria. I think there is a deficit in truth, although for the US press this is a step forward.

The listeners of this network have known about the CIA officers especially in the Iskenderun area of Turkey for I think about two months.

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