40.000 and counting!

Today I reached a massive milestone for my small blog. More than 40.000 unique visitors have found my blog with more than 18.000 of them from New Zealand. That is just awesome. an with daily reads between 400 and a 1000 I reckon a fair bit of them are coming back.

The search terms are more often than not about John Key, 9/11 and Derivatives and with more than a 130 new people of which about half are Kiwi’s finding my blog every day I reckon I am finally beginning to see an awaking with people keen to learn what the Main stream media is not telling them.

Thank you for all of you who read my blog and again if you find anything you might want to share feel free but give a link to the original and I would also ask that you change nothing if you decided to copy and paste.


10 thoughts on “40.000 and counting!

  1. Which stats package are you using to get those stats? According to your statscounter, you’ve had a lot more unique visits (61377), but only average about 150-250 page loads a day (biggest day ever being 485 page loads on 26 Jan this year), with about 50-60 regular readers. Have you got another package telling you differently?

    • http://s06.flagcounter.com/more/1hCB The number of views in my stat counter are not unique visitors.

      Added to that I have no idea of the number of unique visitors other than what the flag counter gives me but I did not install that until I was well into my blog so the number could be higher. I get on average (Last 30 days) 130 and sometimes higher new visitors everyday with the majority 45% from New Zealand. That is not the same as views.

      Where did you those numbers on my blog?

      I count on average between 400 to 1000 views but page loads could be much lower as I don’t hide my posts behind breaks much and it is possible to read most of my posts by scrolling the main page

      The last month I had 16,384 views and this month more than 12.982 and counting.

      My total views are 349,887 and the most views on one day was 2,325 views on September 12, 2011

      This is all according to my WordPress.com Statcounter.

      According to my stat counter I also have a 130 blog followers, 93 post followers, 23 twitter followers and 582 facebook followers.

      Can I assess if those people come back regularly? no but My views increase, my subscriber numbers increase and my Klout influence increases from which I draw the conclusion that more and more people find my blog and seem to return.

      Note that I did not call the unique visitors my readers, they are just that, “unique” IP addresses from people who visited my blog. Some of them will come back some of them don’t.

      Hope that helps

      • “unique visits” is different from “unique visitors”?

        And what page do you derive the 400-1000 reads from? The flag counter graphs are remarkably in synch with the statscounter ones with regards to page loads (150-300). Am I looking in the wrong place?


        Either way, good numbers.

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