Will Kiwi soldiers fight in Syria Side by Side with Al Qaeda?

“Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” – Henry Kissinger …

For those of you waking up to the fact that New Zealand soldiers are training with American Marines in California in settings reminiscent of Iraq, Libya and Syria here is how it is going down: The US army is tired. They are killing themselves and have been on tours one after an other over the last twelve years and they need new cannon fodder.

And guess what your Wall street Prime Minister has signed you up for? You guessed it! Your kids may have signed up to travel a bit ,do some shooting and exercises and possibly to get a halfway decent education without becoming a debt slave for the rest of his or her live but overnight they have become part of the army of the empire. No more choice no more mr. Nice Guy but real life death and horror.

And here is the kicker! While you and yours thought that we were fighting al Qaeda, liberating women, and giving little girls a chance to go to school without them nasty al Qaeda Taliban beardy types with turbans it turns out that your precious kids will be fighting right along them. That’s right! We are now friends with al Qaeda and it seems they’re doing alright preparing Syria for the next illegal Genocidal war of aggression Liberation with all out carpet bombing Kinetic military aggression.

8 thoughts on “Will Kiwi soldiers fight in Syria Side by Side with Al Qaeda?

    • I take it you still believe that 19 young Arabs who’s maniacal leader who lived in a cave in Afghanistan hijacked four planes with which they flew around for an hour or so in the most protected airspaces in the world, attacked two of the WTC buildings imploding three of them with mere carbon fires?

      And then we had to bomb Afghanistan back to the stone age to kill all them “al Qaeda” terrorists but now we have to fight side by side with them because we have to get rid of a guy who as was Gadaffi, one of the few world leaders who does not suck up to the US empire.

      Did we liberate Libya? Well, apparently just enough for tribes to go to war and kill each other for the first time in 40 years. I wonder how the people of Libya feel about their “Liberation”

  1. Sorry i take that back, they aren’t only worn by Sikhs!

    Interesting post, i noticed as well they were training using American weapons and equipment.

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