On Contrails, Chemtrails, What the Hell are they Spraying and Let your Voice be Heard!

About two months ago I walked down the driveway to the mailbox and when I walked back I saw this strange pattern in the sky. Four parallel lines of the same length forming a square. It was off the coast of Ruapuke, south of Karioi mountain and Raglan.

The area is not subject to busy landing or flight paths with perhaps one or two planes from Christchurch to Auckland a day and one midnight flight from Oz to Hamilton passing over our heads.

What was more disconcerting was that I could make out a plane dropping the fourth trail. I have of course been following the Chemtrail/Contrail controversy but here it was in my own backyard. A plane forming neat parallel trails of something that lingered for several hours before it faded away.

Click to enlarge

In fact I uploaded the photo’s and when I look at them again I can see that the trails are actually longer and intermittent and the plane is not visible on the photos but the trail it is making is.I’ll need a more modern camera to make photo’s like this I suppose.

Yesterday an article appeared in the Daily Mail about “Contrails” lasting for more than 14 hours. It showed two photo’s of the same trails with six hours difference.

I have lived for 56 years and seen planes in the skies for all of that time as I lived in the vicinity of one of the biggest European airports; Schiphol and I have never ever seen more than the odd contrail with literally a plane landing every 3 minutes all day long.

Holland is one of the flattest countries in the world and you can see the sky forever and Holland is at the centre of Europe and has the most intense air traffic on the entire planet and I can remember nothing but clear skies apart from when it rained of course which it did a lot.

Parallel lines of trails which linger for long times and planes flying parallel producing another is something I have never seen before and the increase in these lines all over the planet can only be the result of concerted human effort.

Here is the link to the 2010 video from Weather modification researcher Michael J. Murphy

What in the world are they spraying

If you want to learn more about Chemtrails and you live in or near Auckland or you want to add your voice to the protest here is where you can go:

Chemtrail International Day of Action – Auckland, NZ

Saturday 30th June 2012

Four half-hour protests will take place at these venues at these approximate times. We will be driving on to the next one – not walking. Please join us!

1.  Corner Symonds Street and Newton Road (Grafton) 1 – 1.30pm (parking in St Benedicts St)

2.  Corner New North Road and Bond Street (Kingsland) 2 – 2.30pm (parking in Central Road)

3.  Corner Balmoral Road and Dominion Road (Balmoral) 3 – 3.30pm (parking in Balmoral Road in front of Potters Park)

4.  Corner of Great North Road and Titirangi Road (New Lynn) 4 – 5pm (parking in Arawa Street off Titirangi Road)

14 thoughts on “On Contrails, Chemtrails, What the Hell are they Spraying and Let your Voice be Heard!

  1. Thank-you for your post on this topic, Ev. It is a huge issue, once you realise that they are playing God with the weather. They are aerosol trails sprayed in parallel in your photo. They are not normal jet trails.
    A criss-cross pattern of trails was photographed in Northland last year on two occasions:
    I’m looking forward to the new film coming out in August this year about the use of these trails with weather modification technology – ‘Why In The World Are They Spraying?’ It will make life a lot more difficult for the trolls who hang around forums trying to delude everyone with the ridiculous notion that the trails are normal.
    The official trailer looks great: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3__ssxTvNc
    To pre-order the film – it’s only about NZ$32 – go here: http://www.whyangels.info/

  2. Those are chemtrails Ev. Geoengineering is more than rampant across New Zealand and all the deniers in the world won’t stop folk understanding that.

    We record Jetstar and Air New Zealand spraying regularly. It makes me laugh to see their efforts to cover up these days because it is as plain as the nose on your face.

    Just for the sake of interest, Air NZ have gone from denying the programme to calling it a carbon offset programme.

    Quote from a 16 year old girls school project when ANZ was approached yet again about the new persistent ‘çon’trails :

    A recent letter from Air New Zealand changed its usual denial of the geoengineering to this:
    “Air New Zealand is committed to being an airline with an environmentally friendly image. We do provide a carbon offset programme and have the Air New Zealand Trust which supports programmes that enhance New Zealand’s clean green reputation around the world. We are always looking at opportunities to make the airline more environmentally friendly.”

    This was an interesting reply considering the flat out denial given during earlier attempts to get a straight and honest answer. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to understand that spraying toxic chemicals into the air is neither clean nor green.

    a link for the main stream population. BBC on the Geoengineering issue.

  3. Your photo is nothing special. It simply shows different flight paths passing though different areas of atmosphere (and humidity) which is why they appear broken. Flights tend to fly in straight lines.

    As for your memory not being able to remember contrails/chemtrails is due to you most likely not being aware of the phenomenon. People usually only notice stuff when it’s pointed out to them. In addition you lived near an airport which means the aircraft would not be flying high enough to form the contrails – so there wouldn’t be any. AND air travel has increased dramatically over the past few decades. More planes flying = more contrails. This doesn’t mean contrails are a recent occurrence – see these picture of contrails through history including the 1940s (http://contrailscience.com/contrail-photos-through-history/).

    I would be surprised if something like the chemtrail conspiracy wasn’t being tested somewhere, although for the vast majority of the time these lines in the sky are nothing sinister at all.

    • Hi Mark,

      We do not live in an area with any flight paths let alone four in parallel with a fifth forming. I would see the pattern more often if that was the case.

      I was referring to the fact that Holland is not just home of one of the biggest airports in the world but also has the most intense high flying planes in the world as it is under all the big flight paths from the UK to Germany, the US to Germany and get of your patronising high horse with your remark about my observatory abilities.

      And before you write anything please read the article and perhaps even watch the video.

      • Without knowing where you live I can’t confirm if you have flight paths above you or not. Although I will take your word for it.

        Believe it or not I did read your article (I read most of your posts) and I have watched the documentary. Were you aware of contrails/chemtrails when you lived in Holland? Or did you just try to remember if the skies were clear or not? I’m not being patronizing, just know the human memory is a fickle thing, and it’s very difficult to accurately try to remember something if something was there or not if you weren’t actively looking for it. You said it yourself the skies were often raining, so you couldn’t know if there was spraying happening or not. Here are some older photos from Holland which show some contrails in the sky:


        As a flip side to this, I live in Christchurch (supposedly where these chemtrails contribute to earthquakes) and I see a “chemtrail” only every two or three weeks. They certainly aren’t appearing all the time, it’s just when they do they get everyone who believes in chemtrails attention, and it suddenly looks like they’re appearing all the time.

        • I described the chemtrails as above Ruapuke south of mount Karioi and Raglan. I also mentioned Hamilton. That should give you an inkling.

          I also describe the amount of flights might cross our outback region and none of them qualify for this kind of trailing.

          I have lived in Holland for almost 50 years and I have a very keen eye and no apart from the odd contrail which I always thought was kind of strangely beautiful I never saw the kind of criss-crossing you see today.

          I have seen this pattern only once and it was so out of place I took a photo of it especially when I saw a plane flying at the exact same height making a fifth.

          I don’t see Chemtrails everyday and don’t consider myself a chemtrail watcher as I spend most of my days either researching or designing jewellery but this was so out of the ordinary it just jumped at me.

          • My apologies, I seem to have automatically skipped over your leading paragraph. Unfortunate habit of reading on the internet as most leading paragraphs are summaries. Sorry.

            I believe these are just flights from Auckland to Christchurch, and they are over the ocean (where the flight path goes). You say there are only a couple of flights a day between these cities, but I can count 24 that are still to fly today (that doesn’t include morning flights). A quick check of Flight Radar 24 also reveals a JetStar flight flying over a location very close to where I think this photo is, going from Auckland to Wellington (so there are those flights as to count as well).

          • 1 in every half hour still does not account for the four parallel trails which judging by the similarity have been laid at more or less the same time. I’ve lived here for 6.5 years and have never seen these kind of trails.

            My intro’s are never summaries. if any they are at the bottom

          • 1 in every half hour still does not account for the four parallel trails which judging by the similarity have been laid at more or less the same time. I’ve lived here for 6.5 years and have never seen these kind of trails.

            Added to that if these planes were flying up there at the same time I reckon that would have been way to close for comfort.

            My intros are never summaries. If any they are at the end

          • That’s because they weren’t flying at the same time. They were flying at different times and they haven’t faded yet. There’s an assumption among chemtrailers that contrails cannot stick around for a long time. Well – they can, if the conditions are right. If there’s enough humidity in the air and wind speeds are low then they can hang around for hours. If you don’t believe me, check out these pictures of WWII contrails made by fighter planes, still lingering in the day hours after battle (http://bit.ly/MO54xn). If contrails couldn’t hang around, these lines would have faded by now.

            These trails were probably made at different times by different aircraft flying slightly different routes. They have simply passed over a patch of air that supports the formation of these contrails.

          • Tell me Mark, Why are you trying to tell a 56 year old woman who has never seen anything in the clouds that struck her as abnormal and who has seen an increasing amount of weird straight lines criss-crossing the sky and who after a while and studying the whole chemtrail controversy that she can not trust her eyes and her instincts?

            In 56 years I have I think seen every sky and cloud possible and I think I can make a distinction. Yet for some inexplicable reason after it seems reading my blog for awhile you feel the need to waste an inordinate amount of my time trying to convince me not to trust my own judgement.

            Feel free to have your own opinion but read my about page and my how to get banned page and consider yourself warned.

          • Well, sorry for wasting your time. I didn’t ask you to respond, but you did anyway. This is not my fault.

            Your blog is called ‘a wider perspective’ yet it seems that when someone has an alternate view to yours they are wrong, you are right and anything anyone says that could contradict you or your instincts is a time waster or someone worth banning. I have been nothing but civil in this discussion, yes, I made an error when reading through your article and for that I apologize. It is difficult to judge what the meaning behind words are on the internet, and I am aware sometimes comments people are taken the wrong way. I have not intended anything I’ve written as a personal attack on you. In fact I even agree with a lot of what you write on other subject matters.

            However I have poked holes in your chemtrail arguments which you have not been able to seal, and you fall back on the argument that ‘you know better’ and I should trust you and accept your word as the highest truth. No one has been able to provide me with evidence, hard data that supports what chemtrailers claim is happening.

            I stand by my original argument that the vast majority of lines in the sky (including the ones in your photo) are nothing more then normal contrails and if having an opinion constitutes banning me then so be it.

            I will not argue with you anymore.

          • please read my about page and the self martyrdom and getting banned page.

            If you direct your comment to me you have a problem not for having a different opinion. Feel free to have any opinion you like.

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