Weapons for buddies and Greece is armed to the theeth or why we are going to have drones too!

In Keiser report 303 Max Keiser speaks with economist, professor and Member of Parliament in Tunisia, Moncef Cheikhrouhou. The conversation is interesting in that they speak about Greece and how the Greek military are out of control in buying huge amount of military equipment and it struck me that now that we have signed on to the biggest military machine this world has ever seen there must be consequences.

And here is what they will be. The two industries which are in full swing and which are the only ones still profitable are the Financial system and the military industrial complex and both are owned by the same people.

Those people know that the financial system is collapsing and the only way they can keep control is a rampant military might but even that won’t hold up in the end but until that collapses too they want to sell arms. So what will be next for NZ? We will start to buy military equipment and while we train with NATO and the US we will ship in all their arms they need to take over in for them as they  take over the NZ military to extend their empire to the Antartic and we will pay for the honour too.

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