On the Short Change Con, the Poor house and Why to Slow down if someone wants you to Decide fast!

Here is a short clip about the Short change con. It is from the film Paper Moon (1973) starring Ryan and Tatum O’Neal, as on-screen father and daughter Moses and Addie. Moses is a con man and in the clip they short change a shop keeper out of money by confusing her with multiple transactions at the same time.

The trick to success with this type of con is to confuse the victim with multiple transactions and speed. The defence against it is to slow down and insist on finishing one transaction at the time.

The moral of this story is that if someone pushes you into making decisions while engaging in confusing interactions with you, you have to take a step back and contemplate what it is that this person is trying to achieve.

Here is another video clip. It is the scene in which Oliver Twist asks for more food in the film with the same name  (1968). As a result of this act he gets sold to a Dunstable.

Why was he sold after merely asking for some more food?

Because the poor house was designed to be brutal in order to deter people from asking for assistance. This they hoped would stop people from asking for help and try to keep fending for themselves as long as they could keeping them exhausted and unable to rise up against the looting classes elites.

What is the moral of this story?

If you find yourself in a position of unbearable poverty and having to beg for food in order to avoid starvation while around you there is plenty of abundance you should ask yourself why this is so and follow the money to find out who is trying to keep you from sharing in the abundance.

Now lets extrapolate that to the bigger picture.

We are at the moment watching events in the financial system unfold which I dare say are intensely confusing for most of us and which are progressively getting more and more of us in uncomfortably financial tight positions while our governments are telling us we have to face austerity. In fact you might say that the people of Greece and Ireland are comparable to the poor children in the poorhouse of Oliver Twist serving as examples of what would happen if we asked for a fairer share in the abundance of our planet.

It so happens  that Gold bugs Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert and  Greek economist and professor Yanis Varoufakis have used these comparisons to help elucidate what it is that the banks are doing to us and why we should not accept what is happening to the Greek and the Irish and that the Austerity being pushed on us is simply what it is: We the victims of the Short change con perpetrated by the international banksters are threatened with the poor house if we dare to slow down, look at the multiple layers of financial short change tactics and insist on finishing one transaction after another instead of all at the same time which would  threaten to uncover their system for what it is: A giant Short change Con.

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Max Keiser 301

And a link to another interview with Yanis on RT’s finance program Capital Accounts

2 thoughts on “On the Short Change Con, the Poor house and Why to Slow down if someone wants you to Decide fast!

  1. Yep thats the ticket Mick,…tax these movements of money and hey presto financial prolems solved,…$35 billion dollars a day are moved around through paymark every day in NZ, 1% of tax on that would run this country plus surplus,….it’s so simple, but then the ruling elite would not rule and that is what they are after more than anything else,..it’s power over people they crave!

  2. Its like todays version of the first scam is “High Frequency Trading” ,were computer program buy and sell shares etc. at rates of tens of thousands of transactions a second ! Speeds that actually make human traders obsolete ,in fact the “speed” is so fast that the Companies using these programs instal their serve in buildings next door to the exchanges just to get a few milliseconds improvement …they buy and sell such massive volumes in such a inhumanly short period of time ,making parts of a cent only per transaction but a billion times any amount soon has you flying your private jet and telling the peasants to “eat cake”.
    This is one reason why we need a “financial transaction tax” ,it only needs to be part of a percent and it would rescue the world economy without the need for austerity …but those with the power to save us are the very ones praying on us all !

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