I hope this get’s trough

Bugger, my blog host has server problems so I can’t post anything until their solved.

Until they are here is a radion show you can listen too if you are interested in 9/11 and how they could have planned it all with very few people involved indeed.

I’m going to be live on Jim Fetzer’s radio show to talk about the 9/11 story board!!! http://revereradio.net/ 11:00 am NZ time

2 thoughts on “I hope this get’s trough

    • I’m not sure H,

      He had trouble recording and we did it live. I will be back though. Got some massive feathers up my backside and was walking on air the whole day. Great to meet someone who saw the value of my storyboard and software research. I’ll put it up today. So you know at least what I was talking about. 911 blogger did not want to publish my initial research on it up at the time

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