“We Are Hiring Mercenaries” Australia pays $200,000 bonuses to lure foreign soldiers

Is Australia becoming the go between to help the US and NATO to get mercenaries or will they deploy mercenaries against their own when the time comes?

Australia is boosting its military ranks with foreign soldiers by offering cash bonuses of up to AU$200,000 (US$198,060) and fast-tracked citizenship.

Veterans have hit out at hiring “mercenaries” from countries such as America, Germany and Singapore instead of recruiting more Australians.

Figures obtained by the Herald Sun show 726 international military personnel have come to Australia since 2006.

It is believed to have cost about AU$100 million to help them move.

War graves advocate John Saddington questioned the loyalties of foreign recruits.

“It’s an absolute disgrace,” he said. “We are hiring mercenaries.”

Recruits are coming from America, Britain, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Italy, Singapore, Poland, Greece and Germany.

A Defence Department spokesman said, “The Australian Defence Force contributes to the cost of relocating lateral recruits. The costs vary according to the family composition and size, but is typically between AU$150,000 to AU$200,000. Given the significant cost of training and building experience in new military recruits, this cost represents good value.”

In other incentives, recruits are also having their Australian citizenship fast-tracked after just three months of service.

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5 thoughts on ““We Are Hiring Mercenaries” Australia pays $200,000 bonuses to lure foreign soldiers

      • our militaries may be our last hope!
        Have you read The Opal Files? ….. strange, anonymous 25-page document apparently written by a bureaucrat/bank official in the lare eighties, describing how Australia and NZ were invaded, occupied and annexed in the early seventies, using mainly money as the weapon. Invasion, or the countering of it, is the legitimate business of our militaries, but this one somehow got under the radar.

        • http://www.converge.org.nz/watchdog/29/06.htm
          lucid piece detailing the latest phase of the rape of the world, as seen from Christchurch. Came through openUReyes.com, thanks Smashdracs. The events described in The Opal Files constitute the first major assault in the rape, using David Rockefeller Jr as the instigator. He spent 3 days closeted with Muldoon after his election. Muldoon was forced into debt at gunpoint. Somewhere there are people who know the details. Perhaps they can see that this knowledge can help mitigate the impact of the events that are now upon us, and speak up.

          • Hi Steve,

            Thanks for the link.
            With the “unbinding” treaty signed with the US last week we have lost control over our army. It is now part of the empire.

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