Now that we are partners with NATO here is what we got ourselves in for!

It may have passed you by but John Key has this week “formalised” the already “informal” relation ship in an “unbinding” partnership treaty with the biggest war criminal organisation in the world; The North Atlantic Treaty Organization!

Confused because we are a group of little Islands in the Pacific and nowhere near the Atlantic Ocean? Well here is what we just signed up to:

  • Key admitted that he committed NZ troops to NATO’s endeavours. Now you may think that that nice peacemaking NATO will allow us to pick and choose our fights but if you do I have a rainforest in the Sahara you might like to buy so expect your youngsters in the army to be send to every hell hole  NATO decides to create all over the middle east beginning with Syria and ending up in Iran if NATO and its masters get their way.
  • In the empire’s desperate quest for global domination with their banking system collapsing it is ramping up it’s military domination over the globe. It is steering us towards WWIII with its incessant warmongering and it wants to have bases all over the Pacific in order to isolate and attack China.
  • With the exercises combining the US military and Kiwi soldiers here in New Zealand a new phase has arrived in New Zealand. Yesterday it was 25 years ago that New Zealand decided to stay Nuclear free. Expect that to end sometime soon if only because the army will start to practice with Depleted Uranium.
  • If we get involved with the war in Syria we will be involved with a proxy war with Russia and make no mistake Russia will not allow that to happen. So expect a nuclear response and while that won’t happen in New Zealand it will happen in areas your kids are fighting for that nice peace loving NATO John Key just signed us up with.

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