On Bilderberg, Muppets and Cockroaches.

The Dutch Queen leaving the Bilderberg meeting

As the Bilderbergers scurry back to their assorted piles in their private jets information is leaking out about how they operate and what they think of the likes of you and me and it should come as no surprise that it isn’t very complementary.

We are after all the useless eatersmuppets and now, according to personnel of the Marriot hotel, we can add cockroach to our collection of honorary titles and while the title was initially given to those of us who could make it to the Marriot hotel to give our esteemed leaders a piece of their minds make no mistake, to these people we, the 99%, are indeed all Cockroaches using up their planet.

For those of you who want to know about the people who call us Cockroaches here is a list of people who visited the Bilderberg conference this year. Royalty, Bankers, Ministers (Even the prime minister of Holland) and people like Kissinger all sitting in small rooms discussing how to get rid of the cockroaches no doubt.

No conspiracies of course. That would not happen. Our dear leaders love us.

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