John Key goes to Europe!

Next week John Key will be travelling to Europe. He will have dinner with British Prime Minister David Cameron and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Celebrate the Royal jubilee and stroke the queens Corgis and have a jolly good time all round with all the wrong people while average Kiwi’s try to get their head around the budget which will place even more of the basic necessities in the governmental quest for Austerity out of reach.

He will also visit Chancellor Angela Merkel and German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle and the Governor of Bank of England, Dr Mervyn King and NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, and European Parliament President Martin Schulz.

Now here is were it gets interesting!

Because apart from doing a bit of New Zealand promoting he is also going to get first-hand information on the issues currently confronting Europe!

So who are the people he is meeting, what is their role in the unfolding financial disaster and why is John Key with NATO big wig Anders Fogh Rasmussen, and European Parliament President Martin Schulz?

And in what role will John Key be when he learns about the financial situation  and the state of implosion of the banking system from the insiders?

Will he be a true New Zealand Prime minister and will he be learning how to make sure New Zealanders won’t get caught up in the pending disasters or will he be in the role of the banker who still has most of his paper wealth in the Bank of America and who knows that the only way they can keep the Ponzi scheme going is in ever increasing debt while keeping the wars going so the military industrial complex in which he has most of his trust shares will keep on making money making him ever richer?

Here are some pointers to help you make up your mind yourselves.

We know that during the last three years the amount of derivatives New Zealand is exposed to has increased dramatically and are kept of the books.

We know that John Key understands very well what the end result will be and with John Key meeting with the head honcho of the war criminals of NATO it should be clear that he is leaning towards supporting NATO’s criminal war enterprises and with the invasion of Syria and the pending attack on Iran it should be clear that this means New Zealand troops will be involved in more criminal wars in the near future to die for big corporations and their bottom line and with meeting the unelected European parliament and its president it should become clear that John Key is happy to legitimise the globalist agenda which favours banking technocrat rule over Nation state independency.

His meeting with Merkel and Guido Westerwelle also supports my assumptions. Merkel is the Globalists instrument of austerity. She the president of the most powerful country in Europe and the loudest voice in the call for austerity while yielding more power than Hitler ever could have dreamed of through financial weapons of mass destruction.

In meeting with her instead of with a more moderate voice like President Hollande of France who once said that the financial institutions were his enemy John Key again shows he is opting for the continuation of the collapsing Ponzi scheme we call our banking system.

I would like to end this essay with a video. This is the video with a split screen showing Harper of Canada delivering the exact same speech as prime minister Howard of Australia telling their people why going to war with  Afghanistan was a good idea.

Was it plagiarized by Harper or just a one for all speech send to all world leaders to base their own speech on? We don’t know but it sort of shows how much integrity Harper doesn’t have.

3 thoughts on “John Key goes to Europe!

  1. Ev, this article (John Key Goes To Europe!) had a link at the end, to a fantastic vid of howard and harper. can’t find the original article on AAWP, and where i posted the article on MNZ, the link has gone. please can you help? the vid is priceless

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